Ways to Weigh: The 5 Best Digital Kitchen Scales for Food Tracking

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* 5 handy kitchen scales for weighing ingredients you cook with
* Includes different designs and sizes to suit every interior decor
* Great for Weight Watchers and everyone else who watches their daily intake

It may not be the first kitchen essential you purchase for a new home, but a kitchen scale can transform the way you eat. You might think that only restaurant chefs and perfectionists need them, but a kitchen scale allows anyone to stay on top of their food intake and on the healthy side of life.

Whether it’s that mashed potato dish you love to make each weekend or your morning pancakes, a good set of scales saves you time and hassle when it comes to getting your ingredients just how you need them. Take a look through our 5 smart models to find your ideal kitchen helper.

1. AmazonBasics Digital Kitchen Scale

This AmazonBasics version is a conveniently sized scale with a circular design. The stainless steel weighing plate can hold up to 11 pounds (~5000 grams) and houses advanced sensors to deliver quick, accurate readings. The protruding widescreen LCD is bordered by 2 buttons, a button for zeroing and a second button to cycle through the available units (ounces, grams and pounds).

digital kitchen scales best on amazon food tracking cheap amazon basics Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Smart Weigh Digital Glass Top Food Scale

Sleek, simple and slim, the Smart Weigh Food Scale has a clean design and easy-to-use buttons. The design makes the scale easy to store in a kitchen drawer or other small space, while the large and flat weighing surface makes cleaning simple. The significant LCD also ensures that you can always see the weight readings.

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3. Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale

With a beautifully sleek stainless steel design, the Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale uses 4 high precision sensors to ensure you get the correct weight every time. Whether you need it for the kitchen, postage weight or even jewelry assessments, this scale will do the job. In addition, the surface of the scale is coated in anti-fingerprint technology to provide an easy cleanup after every use.

digital kitchen scales best on amazon food tracking etekcity amazon multifunction stainless steel Image courtesy of Amazon


4. HULLR Multifunction Digital Food Scale

The HULLR Digital Food Scale is a colorful scale ideal for keeping on your kitchen countertop. Simple and sophisticated, it will weigh all of your food items. It also includes a detachable bowl for weighing liquids. Upon ordering, you’ll get a choice of blue, green or orange to ensure your scale matches your kitchen decor.

digital kitchen scales best on amazon food tracking hullr glass top with bowl Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Zerla Digital Kitchen Scale

The Zerla Digital Kitchen Scale is a smart scale that provides everything you need to stay on top of your daily intake. The tare button provides an easy way to measure your contents without having to worry about the container, while the unit button offers easy access to a range of different units, eliminating the need for conversion charts. You can also rest assured that your measurements are correct, as this scale makes measurements within 0.05 (1 gram).

digital kitchen scales best on amazon food tracking zerla accurate Image courtesy of Amazon