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Lived-In Review: DIRTY LEMON Beverages

* DIRTY LEMON Beverages promote healthier skin and a clearer mind
* Learn the various benefits behind the buzz-worthy drink
* Discover how you can say #yestomore with DIRTY LEMON

You’ve seen it all over the social media world on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter whether you want to or not, really. From the aesthetically pleasing photo ads to the chic packaging, DIRTY LEMON blew up — quickly. With over 2 million bottles sold worldwide to date, these drinks have made their mark, and their way into the public eye.

After seeing my fair share of advertisements pop up on social media, I decided to find out what all the hype was about. From receiving the package, unboxing the beverages and finally getting around to tasting a few different DIRTY LEMON flavors, my experience was pleasant to say the least, and you’re about to find out why.

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The term, as you can imagine, is derived from the basis of what the drink really is — lemon water that has been “dirtied,” if you will, with other ingredients. Except it’s not actually dirty at all; it’s just a metaphor. Every drink’s first two ingredients are filtered water and pure lemon juice, and from there, each flavor has its own specific and personalized ingredients for the different ways in which they work, bringing us the seven original flavors.

DIRTY LEMON beverages come in seven different flavors that all promise a different benefit or help with something specific, like sleep for example. Their flavors are: +collagen, +charcoal, +matcha, +ginseng, +rose, sleep and their newest announcement, +cbd. They come in cases of 6 which could seem like a lot, but trust me, you’ll be glad you had to order that many.

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Commonly misrepresented as a “cleanse”, DIRTY LEMON beverages are not actually a true cleanse, meaning you will not see *crazy* weight loss results, and you definitely cannot rely on just these low-cal drinks for daily nutrients. However, DL does promote that these drinks may assist you with some things that your body already does — like a little push to get you going. Their trademark hashtag about saying #yestomore allows you to do just that.

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DIRTY LEMON Flavors & Benefit Breakdown


I had the luxury of trying half of the original six DIRTY LEMON flavors including +ginseng, +collagen and sleep. Unaware of exactly what ingredients were in each different drink, I went into my taste testing period rather blindly, and I think that helped me gather a more honest and unbiased review of the brand. The +ginseng was my favorite of the three, with sleep following and +collagen last. Let me elaborate.

All three were very natural tasting and contain particularily healthy ingredients that I would never pair together if I were to make a health drink myself. That I would consider a huge benefit, because who goes out and remembers to buy ocean minerals while at the grocery store? I would presume not many of us.

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+Collagen (a.k.a “beauty elixir”) was not bad tasting, but I would consider it an acquired taste; it just was not for me. A mix of water, lemon juice, collagen, cayenne pepper, luo han guo, ocean minerals and Himalayan sea salt, this drink definitely packed a punch. The cayenne hit my throat hard and was just a little too strong for me to feel like I could drink it every day. However, every colleague of mine that tried this flavor really liked it, so to each his (or her) own, I suppose. I say give it a try if you’re a fan of a little heat and are searching for a new way to better your skin.

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Sleep (a.k.a “sleep tonic”) was like aroma therapy in my mouth, but in a good way. Crafted with pure Bulgarian rose water, a sleep blend of lemon balm, passionflower and chamomile, and magnesium, this carefully chosen ensemble will help you get the full night of sleep you have been (not) dreaming of for quite some time now. The directions say to drink a full bottle before bed each night for the best results, so be sure to plan for that much liquid before bed. No, it will not knock you out like we all wish it would. But, you will be comfortable, relaxed and ready for some shut eye.

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Finally, +ginseng (a.k.a “all day energy”) was just the right amount of tartness, sweetness and freshness packed into one 16 ounce bottle. Keep in mind there is only one gram of sugar per bottle from the pure lemon juice; so when I say “sweetness” you should not be expecting a shaken tea from Starbucks. What you should be expecting is bold flavor that hits the tongue just right and helps you wake up. I drank this in place of my usual morning caffeine (chai tea latte) and can honestly say they compare in terms of how alert I was that day. This lemony, green tea-infused drink can save you time in the morning and calories for your day (if that matters to you). If you’re going to try any, it should be +ginseng, IMO.

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The Verdict


TRY IT. If you’re a fan of unique, healthy drinks and find yourself craving to try a new method that delivers health benefits, I would highly suggest trying the DIRTY LEMON beverages line. It’s different than powders, vitamins and cleanses that are typical to daily routines. With a wide array of flavors and each doing a different thing to better your skin, body and overall well being, you are bound to find a new favorite addition to your life.

Get a case of six 16 ounce bottles in every flavor from Amazon for just $65 — and it’s eligible for prime. Kudos to you, DIRTY LEMON. You’ve done well.

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