Eat Better, Feel Better: The Ultimate SPY Guide to Easy Diet and Nutrition Hacks

Diet and Nutritional Hacks
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Everyone’s heard the saying “you are what you eat.” While that may be a bit of a stretch, there’s a lot of truth behind it. Whether you’re looking to drop a couple of pounds, have more energy, or want to cook healthy meals from home, we’ve got plenty of helpful content to help get you on the path to becoming the best you possible.

Healthy Snacks

Studies suggest that eating smaller meals more frequently (read: 4-6 mini meals) throughout the day, as opposed to three larger-sized meals, may help maintain a healthy weight due to boosting the metabolism and reducing the chance of overeating. In this roundup, we suggest 10 snack options that will help you maintain energy and keep you satiated without the guilt.

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Healthy Fridge Staples

By stocking your pantry and kitchen with these eight essentials we’ve rounded up, healthy cooking and snacking just got that much easier. These substitutes help you maintain flavor and kick cravings, without sacrificing the calories. See below for the best healthy staples to keep your fridge stocked with at all times.

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Vegetarian Snacks

Party snacks are a dime a dozen, but, vegetarian party snacks take a little more finesse to find. We have done our due diligence and found some unique and tasty snack ideas for your next party that are sure to please vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. See our favorite meat-free snacks below.

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Post-Workout Snacks

You may hit the weights, crunch your core or sweat it out in spin class, but if you stop there, you’re cutting yourself short. That’s because exercise is only the first part of the process. When you exercise, you tear down muscle tissue and burn fat. To get the most from your time at the gym, you have to feed your body the nutrition it needs to rebuild a better you. Start by picking up a couple of these post-workout snacks.

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Vegan Cookbooks

Plant-based dishes open up a whole world full of delicious and healthy food. Many of these dishes will satisfy everyone, including meat eaters. Whether you’re motivated by the environment, political reasons, health benefits or just the pursuit of some great tasting food, pick up one of these cookbooks for a slightly less meaty existence. Packed full of delicious recipes, these vegan cookbooks will impress even the most staunch carnivores.

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Paleo Diets

For most people, the paleo diet is easier and just makes more sense than obsessing over calories, portioning meals, or completely eliminating certain food groups such as healthy fats and sugars. However, unless you plan on actually hunting and gathering, buying foods that support the paleo diet can be a daunting task (especially if you’re new to the dieting world). To help get you started, here are 6 of the best paleo guides you should try right now.

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Vitamins & Dietary Supplements

Let’s face it: sometimes it’s just not humanly possible to get all of our essential vitamins and nutrients exclusively from the food we eat. While most experts agree it’s better to get your nutrients from actual food, taking dietary supplements can really help you stay healthy when this just isn’t a part of your reality. Check out our articles below to learn how to take each type of major vitamin correctly and find out which ones everyone should be taking daily for optimum health.

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Kitchen Devices

Remember the Jetsons, with its promised future of abundantly helpful smart home gadgets? Well it may not have fully arrived in time for the year 2001, but thanks to the latest generation of intelligent kitchen supplies, the smart home of a Sci-Fi wonderland is closer than ever. If you’re looking to upgrade your counter-intelligence, here are eight of the best smart gadgets for your kitchen.

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Ketogenic Diet

Sometimes referred to as a low-carb diet or “keto diet,” it consists of high fats, normal proteins, and very low carbs. Nutritionists and celebs such as Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow have been utilizing the diet because it works for weight-loss, provides health benefits such as lower blood sugar and cholesterol, and doesn’t require total starvation. It might sound confusing, but it’s actually one of the easier diets to follow. Check out our selections below to help you get started.

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