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The At-Home Food Sensitivity Test Changing The Way We Eat

* An at-home test that detects any food sensitivities you may possess
* Simply purchase the test, take your samples, mail them in and receive your results
* EverlyWell has been previously featured on Shark Tank

Food sensitivity is always a tough call. Unless you have significant reactions to certain foods that require medical attention, it can be hard to know exactly whether your fatigue, dry skin or stomach pain is caused by your diet, or simply is just “one of those things.”

Even after identifying that a particular food is causing a reaction, finding out exactly what ingredient in your meal can be a complicated process. That’s exactly why the At-Home Food Sensitivity Test from EverlyWell is a winner on numerous fronts.

This handy test, which was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, allows you to measure your body’s response to 96 foods that are commonly found in a Western diet. Sensitivity can cause any number of immune responses, such as joint pain, headaches, bloating and more. By identifying which foods you react to, you’ll be able to manage your diet and enjoy food without the fear of repercussions.

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This EverlyWell test works really similarly to some at-home genealogy tests you might have seen, including AncestryDNA and 23andMe. Once you have purchased the test, getting your results is as easy as collecting blood spot samples and mailing them back to EverlyWell to be analyzed. Your samples will be reviewed by a board-certified physician, and a few days later, you’ll receive your results via their secure online platform or sent directly to your electronic device. Your results will also be accompanied by advice on the next steps to take. This might include anything from removing an ingredient from your diet to only consuming it in moderation.

Ultimately, the At-Home Food Sensitivity Test by EverlyWell is an easy method for identifying problem foods. If you’re worried that your diet is causing you to feel unwell, but aren’t entirely sure it’s worth a visit to your doctor, this test could be your answer to a healthy diet moving forward. The At-Home Food Sensitivity test provides the freedom to choose where and when you complete the necessary steps and removes any worry you may have regarding your diet.