Sick of Chemicals Leeching Into Your Water and Ruining Your Vibe? Opt for a Glass Water Bottle Instead.

glass water bottle
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If you’ve already made the switch to using a reusable water bottle — brava, you’re one step closer to a passing eco-friendly report card in our book. Ditching single-use plastic water bottles is essentially a no-brainer these days, but now the choice becomes which material to use for your reusable hydration buddy. There are some made of durable plastic which are a step above the flimsy plastic ones, but can still leech chemicals into your source especially if the water is left in there for a while. You can use stainless steel or metallic bottles which tend to keep water colder, but can also change the taste. Lastly, there’s glass — the clear frontrunner both health-wise and environmentally — which is why we’ve gathered today to tell you all about glass water bottles and why they rock.

Benefits of a Glass Water Bottle

Glass water bottles greatly lower the risk of contamination through plastic leeching, and overall keep the water fresher than plastic does. BPA (Bisphenol A) is the most common chemical compound that manufacturers and users worry about slowly leeching into water as it’s used in the production of plastic and certain resins. BPA is an endocrine-disruptor meaning it mimics hormones naturally produced in the body and can mess with your hormonal balance, which in turn could have other adverse health effects.

Many plastic water bottles are made BPA-free nowadays, however these protections can wear off over time after hundreds of washes. Ingredients in infusions from tea or fruit, especially citrus ones, can also degrade the plastic over time. Glass water bottles don’t have this problem through being made of other, more durable compounds. They also hold temperatures more effectively and efficiently.

The one downside with glass water bottles, that’s worth noting, is that it’s not as durable as plastic or stainless steel when dropped. If you’re a clumsy person or your water bottle tends to take quite a beating — you might want to opt for a different material.

Sold on the idea of a glass water bottle? Good. We know you won’t regret this choice. There are many varieties out there — from ones designed for home use to silicone-sleeved ones with shoulder straps for on-the-go. Here are our favorite ones to sip from throughout the workday.

1. Ello Syndicate Glass Water Bottle


This 20 ounce water bottle is made with stain-free, odor-free, clean-tasting glass that also has a locking one-touch lid to make sipping easy. The lid flips open at the touch of a button so whether you’re at the gym, driving in the car or busy making dinner you won’t need to stop and screw to get your hydration. The water bottle also has a silicone sleeve to protect against cracks, chips or the dreaded shatter if it drops. All of the parts of this water bottle are dishwasher-safe, a major plus, so you won’t need to remove the silicone sleeve to sanitize it. The sleeve, lid and mouthpiece are also made of BPA-free plastic and food-grade silicone.

Ello syndicate glass water bottle Courtesy of Amazon


2. ZULU Atlas Glass Water Bottle


This is another excellent glass water bottle choice that’s built for convenience and seamless hydration with a leakproof, one-touch lid that pops open for sipping. It’s 20 ounces so you’ll need to refill it a few times to get your daily recommended amount of water, but the silicone sleeve wrapped around it is built for impact so it’s durable anywhere you take it. All of the parts that aren’t glass are dishwasher-safe and BPA-free, and it comes in six different colors.

Zulu atlas glass water bottle Courtesy of Amazon


3. Yominous Glass Water Bottle with Bamboo Lid


I love the bright, fun colors this glass water bottle from Yominous comes in, and the bamboo lid is a nice clean touch. The glass bottle already saves plastic, but the bamboo lid is an eco-friendly choice that further saves on plastic within this design. The glass and silicone sleeve are dishwasher-safe, but the lid will need to be washed by hand. The silicone sleeve not only protects it from cracks and chips, it also gives you a better grip on the bottle so you’re less likely to drop it. The bamboo lid is leak-proof and has a stainless-steel insert inside, as well as a silicone o-ring that keeps droplets from escaping. The mouth opening is also not too large, so it’s easier to sip without spilling.

Yominous glass water bottle Courtesy of Amazon


4. Epica Glass Bottles — Set of 6


If a budget pick is what you’re going for — this set of 6 glass bottles costs less than $22, the price of one of the other options on this list. Each bottle is made of durable, lead-free glass and has an extra-wide mouth so you can drink from it easily or use it to store juice, tea or other drinks in the fridge. The stainless steel caps are air and water-tight through a rubber o-ring inside, so water can’t leak and air can’t break down the enzymes of liquids inside. The bottles are also 18 ounces, so they’ve got a slightly lower capacity than the previous three options, but they’re guaranteed to fit in all cup holders.

Epica glass water bottle Courtesy of Amazon


5. Sursip Glass Water Bottle with Nylon Protection Sleeve


This glass water bottle has a larger capacity of 32 ounces and comes with convenient accessories for carrying it including a nylon sleeve and shoulder strap. This not only makes it easy to carry around but, since you’re not constantly putting it down, you’re less likely to accidentally leave it somewhere. The 2-inch wide mouth opening leaves plenty of room to add ice to your beverage and the stainless steel lid is built to not leak. The nylon sleeve and strap also make it less likely you’re going to drop it. The borosilicate glass it’s made of is also unreactive and made to not leech chemicals into water. The bottle is also dishwasher and essential-oil friendly, so adding a few drops of your favorite therapeutic remedy won’t degrade the material over time.

Sursip glass water bottle with nylon sleeve and strap, glass water bottle Courtesy of Amazon


6. Tronco 24 oz. Glass Tumber with Straw


Prefer to sip from a straw? Same here. Somehow I always find I drink more water when it’s from a straw. Since single-use plastic straws are a no-go for environmental reasons grab this glass water bottle with a silicone straw built in. It comes in a million different color choices (43 to be exact!) and is made of odor-free, stain-free, clean glass. The bottle’s top is also made with real wood and is designed for a friction-fit that keeps your beverage fresh. The silicone sleeve on the outside also gives you a better grip and prevents the bottle from sweating in warmer weather.

Tronco glass water bottle Courtesy of Amazon


7. bkr Glass Water Bottle


This was the first glass water bottle I ever owned, and I still love the simple design. The smaller cap is easy to sip from, though not ideal for putting ice in. The leakproof cap has the infamous carrying loop that gives you great leverage when twisting it off. The silicone sleeve covers the entire water bottle so you get a good grip no matter what, and the glass ensures your water won’t be tainted with residues, stains or chemical leaching.

bkr glass water bottle Courtesy of Amazon


8. Contigo Purity Glass Water Bottle


This glass water bottle from Contigo has excellent Amazon reviews and no plastic parts — a major plus from an environmental angle. The sleeve is made of food-grade silicone and the top is made of stainless steel. It has a wider mouth opening, ideal for putting in ice and faster hydration. The body and lid of this water bottle are top-rack dishwasher safe, so not as durable as other options but easy enough to clean.

Contigo glass water bottle Courtesy of Amazon


9. HydroMATE Motivational Glass Water Bottle


Can you believe you’re technically supposed to finish two of these water bottles every day?! Yeah, I know — I guess I’m super dehydrated constantly too. This HydroMATE motivational glass water bottle has reminders on it to help you keep up with your lofty hydration goals throughout the day. Along with that, it comes with all the perks of a glass water bottle as well as a leak-proof lid. It’s made of extra-strength glass and doesn’t have any nasty plastic tastes or odors.

HydroMATE glass water bottle Courtesy of Amazon


10. ZDZDZ Glass Water Bottle for Kids


This glass water bottle is made with a 12 ounce capacity, the perfect size for kids trying to hit hydration goals. The design is simple, cute and portable — so it’s perfect for any age group or gender. It does have a plastic cap, so there’s still some plastic component to it — but the cap is leakproof and comes with a strap that makes it easy to attach to backpacks and lunchboxes.

glass water bottle for kids Courtesy of Amazon


11. Ello Aura 24oz Glass Water Bottle


This is another great glass water bottle option if none of the ones above are particularly appealing. I like the simple, straightforward design of this one. The silicone extends almost over the entire bottle, but there’s a gap so you can see how much water you have left when you’re running low. This glass water bottle also has the one-touch flip lid that’s designed to be leak-proof, and a no-slip grip. It also has a nice medium capacity of 24 ounces which is more than the 20 ounce options above but not the one liter bottles that might be more of a pain to carry.

ello aura glass water bottle Courtesy of Amazon


12. EQUA Glass Water Bottle with Faux Leather Sleeve


The key to successful glass water bottle usage? A great case. This one takes it above the usual protection and makes your glass water bottle stylish as well. The water bottle itself is break-resistant, and the leather case protects it from scratches, and makes it easy to carry around with a stylish metal handle. It’s fashionable and functional, and a great accessory as well as a tool for health and hydration. It has a 25 ounce capacity and is available in a few different color combinations — the black leather one featured here is my favorite.

EQUA glass water bottle Courtesy of Amazon


13. ONEISALL Double Wall Glass Water Bottle


If you’re a person who needs to dress up their hydration, this glass water bottle is the one for you. It has a removable tea filter that makes adding tea leaves, citrus, herbs and other flavorings to your water easy. It’s also a double-wall insulated bottle, perfect for hot and cold beverages alike. The bottle is designed to be stable and leak-proof, even when upside down, and can withstand super hot temperatures without being too hot to hold.

ONEISALL glass water bottle Courtesy of Amazon


14. Purist Mover Vacuum Water Bottle


Most vacuum-insulated water bottles are made of stainless steel or metal, but this one is the best of both worlds — as it’s got stainless steel and glass elements to keep the liquids cold or hot, and free from unwanted tastes as well. It’s made to keep beverages “pure” and can keep hot contents hot for 12 hours and cold contents cold for 24 hours. The Element top is also insulated to keep temperatures consistent, and it has an integrated handle so carrying it is easy.

Purist Mover vacuum water bottle, glass water bottle Courtesy of REI