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Need a Morning Energy Boost? Grab a Stroopwafel

* Your favorite treat just became less guilty to eat
* Delivers key nutrients for maximum exercise performance
* Delicious warmed over coffee as a traditional Dutch-style treat

Remember how your mom always told you to start your day right by eating a good breakfast?

Before you hop on your snowboard, head out to train for that race or even just hit the gym, give your energy a serious boost with GU’s delicious Stroopwafel. Inspired by the Netherlands’ favorite morning treat (traditionally made with two thin layers of freshly-baked wafers with caramel in the middle), these stroopwafels feature a sweet filling that includes performance-enhancing nutrients like essential amino acids, electrolytes and carbohydrates.

Reach for one of these over a boring granola bar when you need a boost in the morning. The Dutch typically place stroopwafels over a hot cup of coffee (the round shape fits perfectly over a mug), for a warm and gooey treat. Or, keep a pack on hand for a dessert that’s sure to please. (Our suggestion: warm the stroopwafels in the toaster oven, then serve with a generous dollop of fresh cream and berries).

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Available in three delicious flavors — Caramel Coffee, Salty’s Caramel and Salted Chocolate — GU’s Stroopwafels are flat, light, compact and easy to slip into your pocket so you can enjoy this tasty snack when you need energy all day long. Pack it to go for your commute to the office, or grab a couple for your next camping trip or hike.

If you appreciate the efficient and immediate boost of an energy gel but are looking for a great-tasting alternative, GU’s Stroopwafel is, as one fan called it, “like a healthy Pop-Tart.”

Now that’s what we call a real breakfast of champions!

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