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Defy Dehydration: 7 Products to Help You Drink More Water

* Drink more water this year with these helpful products
* Smart bottles to help meet your water drinking goals
* Develop healthy drinking habits

You already know that you should be drinking more water. Here are 7 terrific ways to help you meet your thirst-quenching quota.

1. Hydr-8 Time Marked Water Bottle

The Hydr-8 Time Marked Water Bottle helps you track your daily water intake by keeping track of what you’ve consumed and reminding you to drink water. It encourages slow and steady consumption throughout the day.


2. Infusion Pro Water Infuser

features an extra large basket at the bottom, which holds fresh fruit to give your water some flavor. Plus, the insulating neoprene sleeve keeps your drink cooler longer.


3. Pure Hydration Coconut Water Enhancer

Forget plain water. Drop a dash of

to add some flavor. It tastes amazing and makes it so much easier to drink more water each day.


4. Studio Silversmith Glass Bedside Carafe Set

A great way to drink more water is to always have some nearby. The

does just that, keeping water right by your bed, so it’s ready to drink every morning and night.


5. KIKIGOAL Smart Cup

helps you develop healthy drinking habits with its built-in timer and monitor that encourages you to keep a steady pace towards drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water per day.


6. SodaStream Jet Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit

Water is simply more fun when it’s bubbly. The

lets you make your own sparkling water anytime you like. It also features a twist-lock technology that doesn’t require electricity or batteries.


7. H2OPal Smart Water Bottle Hydration Tracker


that automatically tracks your hydration and sends smart reminders. It can even auto-adjust your goals based on activity, weather, and your body profile.