Before You Take Your Shoes Off, Learn These 13 Ways To Get Rid of Stinky Feet

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Although it may not feel that way, foot odor is a very common issue. In fact, according to the Institute for Preventive Foot Health, 16% of adults over the age of 21 have stinky feet. That just means that 16% of adults haven’t learned how to get get rid of stinky feet yet — and it can be done!

For most people, the cause of foot odor is a combination of moisture and bacteria that thrive in unclean or overly moist environments. When the bacteria shed waste, that all-too-familiar stinky cheese scent is the result. In addition to bacteria, other causes of foot odor may include foot fungus, odorous footwear or poor hygiene.

No matter how you tackle it, foot odor is a sensitive subject and one that should be addressed immediately. If you don’t want to offend your coworkers and drive your partner crazy, then learning how to get rid of smelly feet is non-optional. The condition can actually spiral out of control quickly, even before you have had a chance to fix it. 

Whether you prefer a good, all-natural deodorizing product or just need an excellent foot soak to solve your stinky feet woes, the products listed below will help get foot odor under control. Each one can be used in the privacy of your own home.

So keep reading to learn how to get rid of stinky feet once and for all.


1. Duke Cannon Trench Warfare Grunt Foot & Boot Powder Spray


Duke Cannon developed Grunt Powder for hard-working men who “know things can get a bit swampy down in the trenches.” It’s designed to keep feet dry and neutralize odors thanks to the activated charcoal, tapioca starch, menthol and eucalyptus oil used in the formula. While this product also comes in powder form, we prefer the spray because it’s easier to apply. Just spray it directly on your feet or into your shoes or boots. As an added bonus, this powder spray has been tested and given the seal of approval by on-duty soldiers (it’s also SPY tested and approved). So, you know it can withstand the rigors of daily life on your feet. If you want to stop foot odor before it starts, this spray is one of the best ways to get rid of stinky feet for good.

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2. FIXBODY Nail Clipper Set


The space between your toes and the end of your toenails is the ideal environment for the growth of bacteria, and that bacteria could be the cause of your stinky feet. The easiest solution to getting rid of this type of stink-causing bacteria is to keep your toenails trimmed. Of course, to do that, you’ll need a good pair of toenail trimmers, like those included in the FIXBODY Nail Clipper Set. The set boasts one straight-edge nail trimmer, one curved-edge nail trimmer and one nail file.

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3. Sof Sole Sneaker Balls


Sometimes foot stink isn’t caused by the skin on your feet but by the odor in the soles of your shoes. If you fear that’s the case for you, investing in some shoe deodorizers may help. The Sof Sole Sneaker Balls are made with a special formula that neutralizes shoe odors and leaves a fresh scent behind. To use them, simply twist the ball and throw it in your shoe (or any other stinky place). When you want to wear your shoes again, remove the ball, twist it close and keep repeating the process for up to six months.

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4. RightFoot Foot & Shoe Deodorizer


RightFoot Foot and Shoe Deodorizer is a potent, all natural foot spray designed to fight the toughest of odors. Made from a 100% natural, anti-bacterial essential oil mix that includes peppermint, tea tree oil, eucalyptus and thyme, this spray is strong enough for the toughest odors but safe and gentle enough for the most sensitive of skin. Simply spray the deodorizer directly on your feet or in your shoes for great smelling feet. RightFoot can also be used to deodorize your bathroom, garbage cans and yoga mats.

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5. Jasmine Seven Fresh Feet Wipes


The Jasmine Seven Fresh Wipes are nourishing wipes made especially for your feet. These wipes contain peppermint, aloe and vitamin E and will give you that cool and refreshing feeling each time you use them. Keep them handy by your bed, bathroom or by the door to remind you to use before you leave the house.

Feet Wipes Jasmine Seven Image Courtesy Amazon


6. Tea Tree Oil Therapeutic Foot Soak


If all else fails, a good soak is always in order. The Tea Tree Oil Therapeutic Foot Soak combines Epsom and sea salts and a special blend of essential oils that are renowned for their natural antifungal properties. This unique combination of ingredients makes an ideal foot soak that is also a cure for multiple foot ailments. In addition, the soak is an ideal way to soothe sore, aching feet after a long day. Use before bed to ease foot discomfort and to keep feet healthy and happy and odor-free.

Foot Soak Purely Northwest Image Courtesy Amazon


7. Odor-Eaters Foot Powder


Odor-Eaters is another familiar odor destroying brand and its foot powder provides outstanding odor and wetness protection. It works by destroying odors on contact and absorbing sweat to keep feet fresh all day. Simply sprinkle the powder liberally all over your feet and in your shoes and get ready for your day.

Foot Powder Odor Eaters Image Courtesy Amazon


8. LOVE, LORI Athlete’s Foot Scrubber Pumice Stone


Want to learn how to get rid of smelly feet without applying a messy powder each morning? Try removing the dead skin and other rough patches on your feet with a pumice stone, which can go a long way towards eliminating foot odor. If your feet are as clean and soft as they can be, there is little room for bacteria growth. We recommend using the LOVE, LORI Athlete’s Foot Scrubber Pumice Stone for this purpose. On one side of the bar, you’ll find a pumice stone for smoothing out your feet, and on the other side, there is a soap bar for cleaning away any leftover bacteria. The soap contains antifungal tea tree oil, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil.

how to get rid of stinky feet love lori scrubber pumice Image courtesy of Amazon


9. 4mysneakers Foot Odor Eliminator


Capture your foot odors while you’re still wearing your shoes by using the 4mysneakers Food Odor Eliminator. This natural carbon filter traps odors so your feet can stay smelling fresh all day long. The best part is that you just need to stick the filter onto your existing insole. Each filter will last for six to eight weeks and is made from a breathable, comfortable foam.

how to get rid of stinky feet 4mysneakers foot odor eliminator Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Dr. Scholls Odor Fighting Insoles

Dr. Scholls is the authority when it comes to foot care and their Odor Fighting Insoles are specifically made to absorb and neutralize unpleasant odors. By using ultra-effective activated charcoal, the insole will absorb perspiration to keep your feet fresh, dry and comfortable all day long.  The insoles are also made of durable foam to provide long-lasting comfort and the deodorizing action will continue long after your shoes are removed at the end of the day.

Odor Insoles Dr. Scholls Image Courtesy Amazon


11. THENA Natural Wellness Tea Tree Oil Antifungal Cream


Tea tree oil is one of the world’s natural antifungal agents. So, if you often suffer from foot fungus, like athlete’s foot or tinea pedis, a tea tree oil cream might be your best bet. The THENA Natural Wellness Tea Tree Oil Antifungal Cream is 100% plant based and has been shown to soften and repair dry or damaged skin. In addition to removing odor-causing fungus, this cream also smells great, thanks to the included lemongrass, eucalyptus and lavender essential oils.

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12. Vimergy USDA Organic Zinc


Some experts believe a zinc deficiency may cause body and foot odor. Therefore, ensuring your diet has enough zinc might eliminate your stinky feet problem from the inside out. Consider using the Vimergy USDA Organic Zinc to increase your intake if you can’t get enough naturally. But, be careful. Ingesting too much zinc could cause more problems than it solves, so always check with a doctor if you’re in doubt.

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13. Hanes Men’s FreshIQ Odor Protection Crew Socks


Did you know that wearing the right kind of socks can help stop your feet from stinking? This is especially true if your feet sweat a lot or you’re frequently in moist environments. The Hanes Men’s Odor Protection Crew Socks include FreshIQ technology that fights stinky feet through the use of moisture-wicking material. In addition, the socks are durable and adequately cushioned for all day comfort.

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7 Ways To Get Rid Of Smelly Shoes Once and For All