Sexual Health 101: The 15 Best Products To Maintain Good Personal Hygiene in Bed

Sexual Health 101: The 8 Best
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Whether you’re partnered up or living up the single life, when it’s time to get busy in the bedroom, you want things to go smoothly. While you may not be able to generate a hot bod or Cassanova’s moves in a few minutes, what you can do is make sure you exercise good personal hygiene. On top of general hygiene best practices (we’re talking body odor and bad breath), that means taking extra steps to ensure that everything below the belt is clean, looking great and smelling fresh. If you want to learn how to have better sex, then maintaining impeccable personal hygiene is mandatory.

Intimate washes for men are a relatively new concept and a growing market, but knowing how to use personal hygiene products on your nuts and bolts can really help you to have better sex. There are few quicker ways to kill a mood than bad breath or stinky nether regions, so ensure your body is in tip-top shape before starting your next conquest. And don’t forget to properly clean up after the deed is done, too.

Take a look through these 15 sex hygiene essentials. Our list includes fresh-smelling wet wipes, soaps for your nether regions and even a bidet toilet attachment. Then, order a few to ensure you’re having the best sex possible.


1. Ballsy Men’s Activated Charcoal Ball and Body Wash


We’ve previously named Ballsy one of the best intimate washes for men. Not only does this product leave your whole body smelling fresh and feeling clean, but it contains activated charcoal that naturally absorbs funk-causing bacteria and grime. This intimate body wash is made in the USA, plus it’s free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates and synthetic dyes. For men who are worried about smelling weird down there after a long day at work, this body was wash promises to “keep the funk off your junk.” Instead of harsh chemicals, Ballwash contains a mix of essential oils, plant extracts and activated charcoal.

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2. Dude Wipes


If you find toilet paper to be dry, coarse and generally unpleasant, it may be worth giving these flushable Dude Wipes a go. They are specifically designed for cleaning your nether regions, to leave them smelling fresh and soothed thanks to the included aloe vera and vitamin E. Every pack includes 48 handy wipes and are 25% larger than your average wet wipe to ensure plenty of coverage. They are also fully biodegradable and ideal for use at home or even on the road. Even if you don’t use them regularly, keep a few in the bathroom so you can freshen up before your next delightful encounter.

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3. DUDE Body Powder


For years, men have been using talcum powder to keep their genitals smelling fresh and to prevent chafing. However, we now know that talc can cause cancer when inhaled. If you love the powdering effect, try the DUDE Body Powder. This talc-free alternative absorbs moisture, is fragrance-free and contains natural deodorants. Use it daily to keep your “third pit” or “ball pit” stink-free.

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4. AZO Cranberry Urinary Tract Health Gummies


Perhaps you haven’t considered the health of your urinary tract as something that requires attention, but taking two of these gummies daily can give your body a boost of urinary tract-benefiting antioxidants. The supplements contain the same goodness as a glass of cranberry juice, which can prevent bacteria from attaching to your bladder wall, resulting in improved tract health. And, by taking the gummies instead of drinking the juice, you are able to consume far less of the sugar associated with drinking natural fruit juices. Keep your sexual organs healthy and ready to go with AZO Cranberry Urinary Tract Health Gummies.

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5. Bond Men’s Intimate Wash


Clear your undercarriage of bacteria with Bond Wash. This intimate wash sports a formula specially designed to rid your body of harmful bacteria, while also providing your nether regions with a pleasant and appealing scent after application. The wash contains ginseng extract to take extra care of your skin and leave it feeling clean and loved. In addition, Bond Wash is available in three variations, including cool blue, select and gentle wash.

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6. TheraBreath Fresh Breath Oral Rinse


No one likes bad breath, and a stinky snog is a sure-fire way to kill the mood. However, a dose of TheraBreath Oral Rinse will rid your mouth of morning breath and food odors. Plus, this mouthwash works to kill the sulfur-producing bacteria associated with unpleasant breath. After a swig of the oral rinse, you can rely on having pleasant, fresh breath for up to 24 hours (a garlic dinner aside).

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7. Happy Nuts Comfort Cream


If you frequently suffer from chafing, ball sweat and unpleasant odor down there, you need to start using an anti-chafing product like Happy Nuts Comfort Cream. This “un-ball-lievably fresh” cream rubs into your nuts and bolts and dries into a talc-like powder. As such, it provides sweat protection, prevents chafing and neutralizes any bad odors. As an added bonus, Happy Nuts donates a portion of the proceeds from every purchase to prostate cancer prevention and research.

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8. Cottonelle FreshCare Flushable Wipes for Adults


Another option for keeping downstairs as fresh as possible comes directly from Cottonelle. Fresh Care Wipes feature a wavy texture to provide an unmatched softness when it comes to cleaning your body, especially when compared to dryer paper options. They are also 100% flushable and biodegradable as they begin to break down as soon as they have been flushed.

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9. Manscaped Men’s Body Toner Spray


Also known as The Crop Reviver, the Manscaped Men’s Body Toner Spray is designed to be used after you’ve cleansed and deodorized your man bits or whenever you feel things start to get uncomfortable down there. One or two sprays provide a cooling, refreshing feeling while ensuring your balls smell good, too. The formula works to keep scrotum skin soft and healthy thanks to the included aloe and witch hazel extracts. Plus, this anti-inflammatory and anti-burn agent helps your “crops” to maintain optimum pH levels for hydration control and keep them fresher for longer.

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10. TPCK ToppCock Silver Leave-On Hygiene Gel


Just like your armpits need deodorant to stay smelling fresh throughout the day, your ball pit needs an odor neutralizer, too. Your nether regions are prone to sweat and the build-up of bad smells that goes along with it. That’s where the TPCK ToppCock Silver Leave-On Hygiene Gel comes in. This gel deodorant for your nuts goes on after you’ve showered to keep things pleasant throughout the day. It goes on wet but dries powdery to prevent any transfer to your underwear. Plus, the gel can also help to soothe razor burn and rashes for men who manscape.

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11. Chlorophyll Liquid Internal Deodorant


Liquid chlorophyll is a great supplement to add to your personal hygiene regimen as it is considered an “internal deodorant.” That’s right — this natural antibacterial supplement is known for combating bad breath and body odor from the inside out. It is even said to help with malodorous stools. Always keep yourself prepared for spontaneous fun by ensuring your body is odor-free by taking this supplement daily. In addition to helping with body odor, it possesses amazing detoxifying properties.

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12. Fur Oil


When keeping your bits ready for your next sexual encounter, don’t forget your pubic hair, especially if you don’t like the idea of shaving down there. For those who trim it, style it or just let it grow, keeping the often wiry hair soft and free of ingrown hairs is a job and a half. Fur Oil is a 100% natural and unisex product that helps with that task. It can be used on pubic hair, beards, underarm hair and chest hair. The luxury oil is made of antibacterial grape seed extract, tea tree oils, jojoba oils and clary sage seed oil to clear pores, reduce inflammation and soften hair.

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13. The Harvard Medical School Guide to Men’s Health


If you have questions about your body or your sex life, it’s best to get advice from a trusted source rather than a Google search. Pick up The Harvard Medical School Guide to Men’s Health so you can read all about good personal hygiene practices that will make your sex life better. Over the past 25 years, Harvard’s School of Public Health has tracked more than 96,000 men to produce the most current guidelines for keeping men healthy. But, don’t worry. This book isn’t full of scientific mumbo jumbo. It’s an easy-to-use guide and a solid read for anyone vaguely interested in the topic.

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14. Luxe Bidet Neo 120


For many men, keeping your bum forever clean and ready to go is important. One of the best products for accomplishing that feat is a bidet. These toilet helpers might sound quite foreign, but a growing number of American households include some sort of “bum gun.” In fact, it’s really simple to upgrade your bathroom toilet with the Luxe Bidet Neo 120. This bidet comes in two different colors, so you can choose which one matches your bathroom’s palette. Plus, the Neo is super easy to install. Simply, screw the arm onto your toilet’s surface and attach it to the water supply. Once complete, you can enjoy high-pressure water to clean your underside after every toilet use.

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15. Braun All-in-One Trimmer


Ask any man if he takes care of his hair down there, and you have a 50/50 chance that he’ll admit to manscaping. Whether you’ve tried shaving, trimming or waxing your pubic hair previously or not, you’ve likely heard that soccer legend David Beckham and James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, are big fans. So, give manscaping a go with the Braun All-in-One Trimmer. This set includes nine precision styling tools and a Gillette ProGlide razor, allowing you to keep all your body hair in check. 

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