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This FDA-Approved Light Device Helps Heal Your Cold Sore Ultra Fast

* Cold sores are unpleasant blister-like lesions that usually appear around the mouth
* This device can help prevent their outbreak and improve recovery times
* FDA-approved and more effective than other over-the-counter treatments

It all happens so quickly – that tell-tale tingling, the itching feeling on the skin and then, before you know it, the appearance of full-blown, fluid-filled blisters. What follows is around 10 days of discomfort and social awkwardness as you try to hide your face from public view. In short, cold sores are not fun in the least.

There are a number of options when it comes to treating your cold sores, from over-the-counter medicines to treatments prescribed by your doctor or dermatologist. In general, these treatments work with varying success rates. However, an innovative and FDA-approved device called Virulite may have just turned the tide when it comes to treating these contagious monsters.

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By delivering invisible, infrared light to the site of your cold sore, the Virulite is able to enhance the local response to the growing sore. It’s ideal for use right when you feel the first tingling sensation when it can help prevent the cold sore from progressing any further. However, this device doesn’t just help stop the virus at the beginning, but it can also help to reduce the recovery time from cold sores that have already reached their peak.

The plain design and small size of the device means treating yourself is always discrete and convenient, even when you are away from home. Plus, it’s built for repeated use so keeping it by your side, especially during those cold-sore prone times of year, is a great idea.

Say goodbye to your pile of messy creams, herbal remedies and other slow and ineffective answers.