Krazy for Keto: 3 Ways to Get Started With a Ketogenic Diet

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* Keto diet (invented in 1920s) making a huge comeback in 2017
* Used by celebs from Gwyneth Paltrow to Kim Kardashian
* High fat and normal protein intake makes the diet easier than you might think

The ketogenic diet, one of the healthiest and most effective weight loss diets, has seen a huge comeback recently. Sometimes referred to as a low-carb diet or “keto diet,” it consists of high fats, normal proteins, and very low carbs. Nutritionists and celebs such as Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow have been utilizing the diet because it works for weight-loss, provides health benefits such as lower blood sugar and cholesterol, and doesn’t require total starvation.

The keto diet works by naturally changing what your body uses for energy. Normally the body goes straight to glucose (produced when you eat carbs) for energy, and stores fats. When you drastically lower your carb intake and increase your fat intake, your body naturally goes into a state of ketosis, and uses ketones (produced by eating fats) as energy. This forces your body into a metabolic state, and leads to effective weight loss when done properly.

It might sound confusing, but it’s actually one of the easier diets because you can still eat delicious, hearty foods, and not feel like you’re dying of starvation at all times. Below are some keto cookbooks and ketone monitoring stirps to help get started.

1. The Ketogenic Diet Cookbook

This book includes over 100 tasty keto recipes and foods, gives a overview of the diet and how it works, as well as tips for eating out and promoting a healthy ketogenic lifestyle.

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2. Smackfat Ketone Test Strips

Pro tip for a successful keto diet: make sure your body is producing the right amount of ketones for weight-loss with urinalysis ketone measurement strips. These ones by Smackfat are highly rated on Amazon (almost 4,000 reviews) and easy to use.

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3. The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners

Our favorite book for a comprehensive guide to the keto diet is The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners. It features 75 keto recipes using 5 ingredients or less, a full 14-day meal plan, and a complete overview of the diet. It makes tackling the keto diet much easier and less time-consuming than trying to find everything online.

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Not the diet for you? Check out the paleo diet for a different approach to weight-loss.