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Even If You’re Not Campaigning For An Oscar, Get That Red Carpet Glow With These Plant-Based Beauty Supplements

* Includes 30-day supply of travel-ready packets
* Supplements are gluten-free, contain no GMOs and no artificial ingredients
* Promises glowing skin, shiny hair and stronger nails

Upgrade your supplement and vitamin program with HUM Nutritionals. HUM is the newest and chicest way to get the supplementation your body needs by combining science with the best of nutrition. Whatever your ailment or most pressing skin, body or lifestyle concern may be, HUM has a solution. One example is their Runway Ready Program which will have you looking your absolute best for whatever event is coming your way — and have you achieving results naturally.

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Runway Ready is a 30-day program that pairs two best-selling HUM supplements, “Red Carpet” and “Killer Nails,” for a complete head to toe beauty regimen. The natural, plant-based formulas work from the inside out to fortify nails, clear skin and restore shiny luster to your hair.

“Red Carpet” includes sunflower and blackcurrant seed oil, which will help to promote shiny hair and glowing skin, while “Killer Nails” contains pure biotin to nourish cells to support healthy strands and resilient nails and cuticles. Taken together, they provide the perfect balance of GLA, ALA and Vitamin E to get you red carpet ready in as little as 30 days.

Fully natural, non-GMO, sustainably-sourced, gluten-free and scientifically proven to get results, HUM supplements identify the micro-nutrients your body needs in order to restore balance. With the support of clinical studies, double-blind placebo trials and experiential research, the HUM formulas are rigorously selected to optimize results and ensure the greatest (beauty) benefit.

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