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New Blended Juice Lets You Make a Clean Break From Cold Pressed

* Juices are blended rather than cold-pressed
* Unique process keeps juices fresher and retains nutrients
* Menu includes protein juices, probiotics, soups and snacks

By now, the phrase “pressed juice” is as synonymous as “iced coffee” in the morning. Pressed juice cleanses have officially crossed into the mainstream, no longer reserved for health nuts or body-conscious celebs. But what if there was an even better way to get your daily fruits and vegetables?

The Jus by Julie program is among the latest and most sophisticated juice menus on the market. Offering a wide range of nutritious, healthy and freshly prepared juices, Jus by Julie makes it easy to get what you need. It’s great whether you want to start a cleanse, or just need to add fresh produce to your daily diet.

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All of Jus by Julie’s juices are freshly made every morning through a unique blending process that is designed to maintain the fiber of all the ingredients. By blending instead of using a juice press, you’re getting the entire fruit and vegetable — cold pressed juices typically discard all the natural fiber and pulp necessary for detoxification. The fiber assists in carrying out the toxins from the body, while the protein and smoothie-like texture satisfies your hunger.

Individual juices, such as her “Morning Glory,” are flavorful and bright — never chalky or grainy. Jus by Julie also offers a probiotic mix in single serving packets. Stir the powder into your smoothie or glass of water for an easy way to add a probiotic to your nutrition routine.

There are superfood shots such as ginger citrus — great for cold season — as well as kava and chlorophyll. Wheatgrass shots are also on the menu, as are lemon, E3 Live and turmeric, all great for brightening up a winter day. Their latest addition, vegan/gluten-free soups and snacks, nourish the mind, body and soul.

Jus by Julie offers a much renowned 3-day juice cleanse program, which is said to be great for weight loss, cravings and a general sense of overall well-being. Made fresh daily from raw ingredients, they’ve amassed a considerable following who swear by the detox and cleansing effects.


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