Think Fast: 5 Essential Supplies for Your Next Juice Cleanse

juice cleanse essential supplies
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* Five essential items for your next juice cleanse
* Everything you’ll need to succeed through your juice detox (except the fruit and veg)
* Includes bottles, juicers and an environmentally aware answer to throw away straws

During a juice cleanse, it’s important that things run smoothly so that you get the thorough restart you’re looking for. Being fully equipped requires a little planning, but this preparation will make your detox a whole lot easier. We’ve put together a list of the key items you’ll need to produce, store and enjoy your juice.

1. Clean Slate Journal

One of the best ways to appreciate a juice cleanse is through journaling the experience. By writing down what you ate and how you felt, you’ll gain a better understanding of your body. This 30-day journal is especially designed for that purpose. You can make notes of successes and failures. There are also recipes and detox tips along the way.

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Clean Slate Journal



2. Konig Glass Straw Set

Achieve your body goals with an environmentally friendly outlook. This set of glass straws will help you wave goodbye to disposables. Not only will using glass save you money, but it will also give you a sustainable, reusable choice. The set contains six glass straws: three large straws for smoothies and thicker drinks, three small straws for lighter drinks.

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3. Vremi Glass Water Bottle 6 Pack

Was: $49.99 | Now: $17.99

These 18-ounce, BPA-free bottles are an ideal way to store your juice. Not only do they save you from having to “cook” before each meal, but the different color lids also provide a simple way to identify the contents of your bottles, while the secure loop makes carrying the bottles a cinch.

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Vremi Glass Water Bottle 6 Pack



4. Towabo USB Juicer Cup

Was: $65.00 | Now: $35.62

For when you’re out of the house or away on vacation, the Towabo USB juicer cup has everything you need to make up your juice or shake on the go. This easy-to-clean bottle features a built-in blender; you don’t need a separate device.

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Towabo USB Juicer Cup



5. Aicok Juicer

Was: $219.99 | Now: $109.99

This high-tech juicer will become your number one pal during your juicing journey. Running at an intentionally lower speed of 80 RPM, you’ll enjoy juice with more vitamins, enzymes and minerals when compared with your average centrifugal juicer. You’ll also find that the low speed provides a product with less foam and helps prevent clogging as you produce juice from almost any fruit, including fibrous additions like ginger and celery.

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Aicok Juicer


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