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If You’re on The Ketogenic Diet, You Need This $60 Testing Kit

* The ketogenic diet is a low carb plan aimed at shedding fat
* Your body changes from burning carbs to burning excess body fat
* This kit allows you measure your progress and remain on course

There are a number of diets to choose from when it comes to weight loss with each having advantages and disadvantages. A popular choice at the moment is the ketogenic diet. While it has been around for centuries as a medical treatment plan, today it’s a diet used for weight loss and to improve certain medical conditions. The keto diet minimizes carbohydrate intake in an attempt to maximize the body’s secondary energy production process called ketosis.

Ketosis is a natural process that the body undertakes when levels of glucose (carbohydrates) fall below a certain level. Once this level is reached, the body switches from using carbs as its main energy source to breaking down fats within the body instead – an ideal situation in dieting and weight loss. And, as this process creates energy for the body, the fats are broken down into ketones.

The ability to measure your ketone levels during the diet is a valuable tool to help you track your progress. Not only does it let you see that the process is working correctly, it also allows you to maintain the appropriate ketone levels and not fall into unhealthy levels that can cause unwanted side effects. For that reason, the

is a great companion while you are on the ketogenic diet.

The advanced monitoring kit comes with everything you need to keep track of your ketone levels (and glucose levels). The FDA-approved device allows you to test yourself in the comfort of your own home and receive quick and accurate results. You can also use the company’s online videos for easy setup and use of your monitoring kit.

If you’re already on the diet and looking for an easy way to keep tabs on your progress, or simply find yourself intrigued by this effective weight loss plan, this advanced kit is an easy way to keep everything in order and help you stay on track.