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Portable Nutrition That Tastes Great? Kodiak’s Protein Pancakes in a Cup Makes It Look Easy

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When you’re running behind in the morning and haven’t had time to make yourself a healthy, balanced breakfast, you’re going to do one of a few things: skip breakfast entirely, grab something sad (that poor brown banana) or bad (that fat-bomb microwave breakfast burrito), or hit a drive-thru on your way to work. As nutritious options go, you’re 0-for-the morning.

You could set your alarm a half-hour earlier and sit down to a full home-cooked breakfast, but who are we kidding? You need something you can grab on the fly that isn’t going to detonate your diet. You need something with protein and wholesome ingredients which tastes great and is easy and quick to make. You, dear reader, need Kodiak Cakes Pancake On the Go.

Kodiak Cakes made our list of the Five Best Protein Pancake Mixes recently as the best grab-and-go option. If you can add a quarter-cup of water, stir and set the microwave to 60 seconds, you can have a healthy, balanced breakfast every morning. Kodiak Cakes can also be a sweet yet healthy treat whenever the mood strikes. Last we checked, water and microwave ovens are fairly easy to come by, and we trust your ability to stir.

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Kodiak makes these pancake cups in eight flavors, and if you love pancakes fresh off the griddle, go with the Buttermilk & Maple variety. Like the rest, it has 10 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber, and is made of 100% whole grains and non-GMO ingredients. As it melts in your mouth, you don’t have to feel guilty or plan on adding an extra hour at the gym to make up for it. Can you say that about your microwave breakfast burrito?

If you want a little extra richness or a little more protein and calcium, you can substitute a quarter-cup of milk for water when you mix up your Kodiak Pancake in a Cup. For as few calories and effort as possible, stick with water.

A 12-pack of individually packaged pancake mixes is only $24.38 on Amazon right now. That’s 2 work-weeks of morning meals, and you’ll still have two left over for late-night snacks (they’re amazing with a scoop of ice cream or sliced bananas). Better still, you can subscribe on Amazon and have them delivered monthly, so you never run out.

This morning meal’s always ready and waiting no matter how fast you need to run for the door, it’s packed with the protein and whole grains your body needs, and has an awesome flapjack taste to get your day off and running.