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SPY Guide: How to Start a Meal Prep Plan

* Portion control, the cornerstone of meal prep, is essential to maintaining a healthy weight
* To efficiently meal prep, you’ll need a place to keep your plan, containers and recipes
* This 7 items will help you start a meal prep plan and get on the road to healthy eating

After the overindulgence of the holidays, now is a great time to put a meal plan in place. Meal prep can keep your food intake in check over the holiday season. While meal prep may feel like a hearty task with no instant benefits, planning your daily meals helps to regulate portions and ensure you don’t pile on unwanted pounds over the holidays. But meal prep isn’t just purposeful for preventing weight gain, it is also an effective path to weight loss or a great way to bulk up for your gym workouts, too.

Food lovers needn’t despair. There is always wiggle room for your favorite Christmas treats and cheat days exist, too. Think of it as a savings plan, so you can indulge like a kid on Christmas day. Everything in moderation.   

1. 3-Layer Bento Lunch Box

Ideal for holding well-measured, single-portion meals, these Japanese-style bento boxes are an easy way to regulate your food intake. Whether you fancy fish, noodles, meat or veg, this 3-layer set can take care of your meals for the day. Each of the lightweight boxes is made from thick canvas, which helps to maintain temperature. The boxes lock in freshness, so they’re great for camping, the office and school.

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2. The Healthy Meal Prep Cookbook

With over 150 recipes accompanied by color photos and quick, easy-to-follow instructions, The Healthy Meal Prep Cookbook is the ideal tutor for simple grab-and-go breakfasts, lunches and dinners. This healthy eating cookbook provides two-week meal plans, which include shopping lists and tips for storing, thawing and reheating your food, too.


3. Meal Planning Bundle for the Mini Happy Planner

This Natalie Rebecca Design includes a 6-month supply of pre-punched weekly planning pages for all of your meal-planning and food-managing needs. Each double page includes space for your grocery list and a weekly menu. The sheets are prepared to fit inside the Mini Happy Planner, which can be purchased separately.  

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4. Meal Planner Magnetic Refrigerator Board

This easy-wipe board gives you a simple way to see and record your meal plans for the week. Whether your goal is dieting, daily meal preparation or bodybuilding, you can fill in the full week planner using the included white board marker. The planner is also magnetic for easy attachment to metal surfaces like your refrigerator.


5. Premium Meal Prep Containers

This set of four stylish containers is great for storing pre-made meals in your fridge or freezer until you are ready to consume them. The boxes are made from a durable, near-unbreakable plastic that is also microwave safe, saving any additional washing up. Each container is see-through to make identifying your meals super simple, and the uniquely designed lids have removable vents to prevent trapped food during the cleaning process.


6. Insulated Lunch Bag

The RitFit Insulated Lunch Bag is a sizable lunch bag with enough space for your daily meals and more. Inside the bag, you’ll find 3 BPA-free snap lid containers that can hold your breakfast, lunch and dinner for the day. On top of that, there is a central zipped storage pouch, which could be used for additional supplements, vitamins or a mix of fruit. There are also two side pouches, each featuring double pockets that provide plenty of space for your liquids, cutlery and napkins. In addition, the bag is waterproof and wear-resistant, an ideal combination for withstanding the rigors of daily life.  

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