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Daily Deal: Sleep Better, Burn Fat and Build Muscle for Under $30

* Reduced stress and tension means better sleep
* Better sleep helps you burn fat and build muscle
* Was: $34.99 | Now: $27.99

Without enough rest, you’ll be off your game at the gym, at the office and even at home. Relieve the stress, tension and fatigue of your daily grind–and burn fat while you’re doing it–with Modern Man PM. Amazon is offering a 30-day supply of this nighttime supplement for 20% off the list price of $34.99. You can look and feel better for only $27.99.

[caption id="attachment_50133" align="aligncenter" width="559"]modern man pm Image courtesy Amazon[/caption]

This caffeine-free supplement is formulated with ashwagandha, an Indian herb known for its stress relieving effects. By inducing calm and helping you sleep more soundly, Modern Man PM stimulates your metabolism and reduces cortisol levels in your body. The combined result is the limiting of sugar absorption and food cravings, as well as a reduction in protein breakdown–you’ll lose less muscle mass.

If you have the drive, but getting through the day leaves you stressed and and fataigued, Modern Man PM can help. With proper rest, you be able to handle even greater challenges than you already do, and your body will be primed to absorb nutrition and maintain lean muscle mass.

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