Never Run Out of Contact Lenses Again Thanks to These Monthly Subscriptions

monthly contact lenses subscriptions
Image courtesy of Hubble

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If you wear contact lenses, you already know that the ability to see clearly without glasses is a godsend, but there are elements of wearing contact lenses that are less enjoyable. Namely: needing to order them on a regular basis before you run out.

That’s why we need the best of the best monthly contact lens subscriptions to deliver us high-quality lenses, at the price and in the time frame we need them. 

Contacts, of course, have a lifespan, which means you have to remember how long you’ve been using your current pair. Some wearers prefer daily contacts, that are meant to be worn for the day and thrown away promptly. Other brands offer weekly, bi-weekly and even monthly options. With the longer-term lenses it’s crucial to make sure you’re using the right contact lens solutions and contact lens cases to keep them in good shape and bacteria-free. 

This is very important, as over-wearing can lead to problems ranging from minor irritation to possible blindness at its most serious. Plus, depending on the style of lens you wear, you also have to worry about things like ensuring you’ve got enough fluid for cleaning your contacts and remembering your case if you’re staying away for a night. On top of that, you’re always going to want an extra stash of fresh lenses in case you lose one or one gets damaged. 

Luckily, there are plenty of online suppliers who are happy to help you keep your lenses stocked at home. They can send contacts on a weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or annual basis, and many have large libraries of brands you can pick from based on the recommendation from your optometrist. Speaking of, all you need is your current prescription to get started.

We’ve put together a list of the best monthly contact lens subscriptions, all of which are great options for getting your contact lenses delivered to your home. We’ve included a wide variety of brands, from large-library warehouse brands to small boutique labels, at a bunch of price points. 


1. Hubble


For $33 a month, plus shipping, Hubble will deliver 60 of their Hubble-brand contact lenses directly to your door, making them one of the most affordable monthly contact lens subscriptions. The lenses are made by St. Shine, an FDA-approved manufacturer who has over 20 years of experience in the field and uses state-of-the-art production methods to ensure quality throughout their manufacturing process. As an added bonus, once you sign up, you’re first box of lenses only cost $1. By combining great prices and incredible convenience, Hubble is our pick for the best monthly contact lens subscription service.

monthly contact lenses subscriptions hubble Image courtesy of Hubble


2. 1-800 Contacts


From 1-Day Acuvue Contacts to PureVision Multi-Focals, 1-800 Contacts offers a truly comprehensive range of contact lenses for you to choose from. The ordering process is simple and even allows you to take an eye exam online to verify your current prescription if your old one is lost or expired. The quick return means you can take the exam and order your lenses all within 24 hours. You’ll also save 20% on your first order and enjoy free shipping and free returns if anything is wrong. 1-800 Contacts is less of a monthly contact lens subscription and more of a delivery service, it’s perfect for ordering annual supplies in bulk and if you have a very specific contact lens brand you like, due to the size of the library. 

monthly contact lenses subscriptions 1-800 contacts Courtesy of 1-800 CONTACTS


3. Waldo


Waldo is another reliable choice when it comes to home-delivery monthly contact lenses subscriptions. They offer a choice between their two own branded contact lens models, original and the new vitamin style. The company also lets you choose between a monthly and quarterly plan. With the least expensive option, you pay only $13.60 per box of lenses (when you pay quarterly), and you get your first 10 pairs free. Waldo lenses are made for optimum moisture and comfort. They also block UV rays and provide impressive oxygen permeability to help maintain your eye health.

monthly contact lenses subscriptions waldo Image courtesy of Waldo


4. Warby Parker


Warby Parker is known for its user-friendly platform that allows users to try on glasses frames at home for free — no strings attached. The brand also has a wide library of contact lenses available for consumers to order through them, as well as an in-house brand called Scout. Scout is a super comfortable, breathable and affordable contact lens that comes in a flat, hygienic pack that uses 80% less packaging than other brands. In addition to being more environmental, the pack presents the outer surface of the contact facing up so you’re less likely to drag debris from your hand into the container, and into your eye in the process. You can start with a trial pack of six days’ worth of contact lenses for just $5.

Scout by Warby Parker Courtesy of Warby Parker




With a range of lenses, including Acuvue VITA, Air Optix Colors and Focus Night & Day, you can be confident has a pair of contacts for you. After choosing the contacts you wish to purchase, you can then choose how many you want. The more boxes you choose to purchase at a single time, the greater your discount becomes. For example, two boxes of 1-Day Acuvue Define will give you a $20 discount, but order a six-month supply and that discount quadruples to $80. contact lenses also come with a money back guarantee if you aren’t completely happy with their monthly contact lenses subscription., monthly contact lens subscriptions Courtesy of



6. Coastal


Coastal offer free shipping and a 15% discount right off the bat on their contacts. Furthermore, you’re always in control with your contact lens delivery as you can specify how often and when you want them delivered. You will only be charged when your next shipment is dispatched. There are plenty of lenses to choose from on the site, including Dailies, Acuvue and Freshlook. In addition, Coastal offers a price guarantee, meaning if you find your lenses cheaper at any other authorized seller, they’ll match it.

monthly contact lenses subscriptions coastal Image courtesy of Coastal


7. AC Lens


AC Lens’ user-friendly site makes it easy to see all the available contacts along with reviews from users to help you pick the right pair for you. This website also boasts an impressive range of contacts, including Air Optix Aqua, Acuvue Vita and Proclear Toric XR. If you sign up for their monthly subscription plan, they offer a 10% discount off future orders and free shipping as well as the freedom to choose exactly when you want your lenses delivered.

monthly contact lenses subscriptions ac lens Image courtesy of AC Lens


8. Sight Supply


Sight Supply keep things simple. By offering a single choice of daily contact lenses, the process and choices are made for you. Once your prescription has been checked, you’ll receive a free 10-day supply of contacts. After that, the only choice you have to make is how often you want to receive your contacts. The Taiwan-made contacts are produced from high-quality Etafilcon-A material and are FDA-approved. In addition, for every box of contact lenses sold by Sight Supply, a $1 donation is given to help end preventable blindness.

monthly contact lenses subscriptions sight supply Image courtesy of Sight Supply


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