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Just A Sprinkle of Brain Dust Will Do You Some Good, Probably

* Herbal supplement to relieve stress and help activate your brain
* Made from organic and wildcrafted herbs, plants and funghi
* Blend a teaspoon into morning smoothie or coffee

If you’ve been on the hunt for a natural pick-me-up, Moon Juice just might have the thing for you in an organically adaptogenic potion they’re calling “Brain Dust.”

Before you ask what an adaptogenic potion is, consider for a moment what you know about the purported benefits of something like ginseng. Now ginseng is a super well-known adaptogen. And adaptogens are a natural substance that some say help the body and mind and are generally good for your health.

Brain Dust is like ginseng, but made from a few other things, too.

Unlike the processed stimulants you can find at any corner bodega, like energy drinks or over-the-counter versions of the

variety, Brain Dust is wild-crafted, which is another way of saying that it’s been made from plants, herbs and fungi that were gathered in the wild. Ingredients include a blend of ginkgo, lion’s mane, shilajit for nutrients, rhodiola for vitality and astragalus for immune building.

What Brain Dust claims to do is help clear your mind, increase creativity, improve alertness and aid your overall well-being. The elixir also helps to decrease stress and, says Moon Juice, will help “promote joy.”

Throw a dash of this in your morning coffee, tea or smoothie. The Brain Dust has been naturally sweetened with stevia, but users do report a bit of an aftertaste. Your best bet is to mix it in with some almond milk, to neutralize any strong flavors, or blend it up with your favorite juice.

Each 1.5 oz jar contains about 15 servings. Take a teaspoon of Brain Dust each morning and you’ll be ready for whatever the day has to offer. Probably.

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