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Here’s Why Shawn Mendes Drinks Seawater Every Morning

Do you find yourself feeling exhausted on the reg? Or is it difficult for you to recover from a strenuous activity? These could be signs that your body is not properly nourished and is losing more minerals than it should. It’s a common problem that can go unnoticed for years. Naturally, we have a very interesting solution.

The company Quicksilver Scientific has discovered that seawater contains all the minerals that the human body requires. In that way, it is the perfect supplement to a healthy diet. And now, you can properly nourish your body anytime you need with Quinton Isotonic.

These little glass vials of pure seawater are harvested from protected plankton blooms and promise to help you stay hydrated and energized. The reason they work so well is because they contain mineral salts, which are essential for almost every system in the body. Quinton Isotonic helps to replace the minerals you lose from say, sweating during a workout or — in Shawn Mendes’ case — performing on stage.

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Each box of Quinton Isotonic has 30 Vials containing the purified, drinkable Isotonic solution, 10 ml each. To use, simply break off the top of each vial and then pour directly into your mouth (like a mini shot) or pour into a cup. We tested the product out and found that the taste, as you can expect from seawater, is a little salty, so you might want to mix it with a little water before chugging.

The company says its blend of minerals supports homeostasis, natural rehydration and normal cellular osmosis, so the systems of your body can function optimally. Quinton Isotonic also contributes to normal digestion and production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

And wouldn’t you know it, celebrities love them, including

, who reportedly drinks four vials a day. The singer says he learned about them from Calvin Harris, who’s been known to keep a bowl of Quintones in his studio. Now, according to an interview Mendes gave with GQ, he can’t live without them because they keep him feeling good everyday. Maybe they’ll do the same for you.

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