Salma Hayek’s Superfood Smoothies Do Double Duty as Face Masks

smoothies blend it yourself
Image courtesy Juice Generation

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* Salma Hayek has co-created smoothies that can double as face masks
* Makes you look better and tastes great
* Available in three powerful, yet delicious flavors

Actress Salma Hayek and New York-based smoothie company Juice Generation have co-created a line of “Blend It Yourself” smoothies that double as face masks. Each portioned cup is shipped frozen, ready to be blended with your choice of milk, nut milk or water. We recommend using the EverKing High-Speed Food Extractor to mix yours.

juicer blender smoothie Image courtesy Amazon

These beauty blends are designed to work powerfully inside and out. The ingredients are skin-compatible, and the benefits can be obtained through both ingestion and topical application. The Watermelon Hibiscus flavor is antioxidant heavy, meaning it acts as an anti-inflammatory to relieve stressed skin. Aloe Greens has a calming blend of aloe vera and cucumber to help you relax. Papaya Avocado will naturally remove dead skin cells for a brighter, fresher complexion.

This is not Hayek’s first collaboration with Juice Generation. They have been partners for almost a decade, first teaming in 2008 to create Cooler Cleanse, a line of fresh, raw juices. Whether you choose to drink your smoothie or wear it, you can rest assured that the ingredients are exotic, USDA-certified organic superfoods that have been picked (by sustainable, fair-trade farmers) at the peak of ripeness and flash-frozen to retain their nutrients.

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