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The Essential Tool for the Modern Kitchen

* Cook like a professional chef
* Makes steak better than at a steakhouse
* Most successful Kickstarter cooking campaign ever

Here’s the fastest, easiest way to start cooking like a professionally trained chef: The Sansaire Sous-Vide Immersion Circulator. This ingenious invention turns any pot or container into a professional-grade sous vide water bath that makes perfect mouth-watering meals every time. No more overcooking your food.

New to sous vide cooking? That’s okay. Previously, it was only available to the world’s best restaurant chefs. Now, it’s the absolute hottest home cooking trend worldwide. All you have to do is clip the circulator to the side of any pot, set your cooking temperature and let the circulator do the work. It delivers incredible control and precision across a wide range of dishes, including soft-boiled eggs, meltingly tender steaks, perfect chicken breasts, moist, flavorful salmon fillets and more.

If you’re reluctant to add another gadget to your already crowded kitchen, don’t worry. The Sansaire is no ordinary gadget. It takes only as much space as a champagne bottle. And, it uses the pots or containers you already own. The LED screen clearly displays the temperature setting. And, you can program it just like a slow cooker. But, food turns out much better. The Sansaire will greatly expand your at-home menu. Plus, it’s great for moms and babies because it heats milk or formula to precisely 98.6 degrees, for worry-free feeding.

Thanks to its exquisite design, unbeatable performance and affordable price, the Sansaire became the most successful cooking-related Kickstarter campaign ever. And, it’s getting rave reviews.  Why wait? This is the essential tool for the modern kitchen.

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