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Is It Finally Time to Try Soylent?

* Healthy, vegan meal replacement drink
* Version 2.0 is perfect for breakfast and lunch on the go
* Available in 3 delicious flavors – Cacao, Nectar and Original

Welcome to the future of food. Sci-fi followers may already be familiar with the concept of an all-in-one magic food pill to replace meals and provide all the nutrition you need. While we may not have developed this pill quite yet, 2017 offers us Soylent 2.0, the newest version of the nutritionally complete, ready-to-drink meal in a bottle.

Already a mealtime favorite with busy employees in fashion and tech, Soylent was brought into existence through a successful crowdfunding campaign and gained popularity first in Silicon Valley, before making its way to the cleanse-friendly confines of fashion and media. 

Whereas nutrient drinks and protein powders offer partial boosts to specific dietary needs, Soylent includes every element required for a healthy diet – without excess saturated fats, sugars or cholesterol. Each 14 fl oz bottle of Soylent contains 400 calories, approximately 20% of your daily requirements.

Soylent was originally only available in a powder that you had to mix with water, leading to somewhat murky experiences in both consistency and taste. Soylent 2.0 comes in a ready-to-drink form available in three flavors: cacao, fruity nectar and the lightly oat-flavored original. The meal replacement drink also works as a base for smoothies. New this year is Soylent “Coffiest,” which gives you the added boost of caffeine and tastes like a coffee milkshake.

With its milky consistency and deliciously subtle flavor, Soylent is ideal for replacing breakfast or lunch when your are running behind or you just prefer the convenience of a quick meal. Soylent 2.0 is made of proteins isolated from soy, slow-burning carbohydrates from beets and a mix of essential minerals and vitamins. It’s entirely free from animal products, so your conscience can rest easy.

Whether you crave cereal milk all day (because that’s what it tastes like) or you just want a nutritional backup on hand, Soylent is an all-encompassing meal in a bottle that provides maximum nutrition with minimal effort. 

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