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Boost Your Immunity This Holiday Season With Airborne Gummies

* Boost your immune system this holiday season
* Gummies are easier to take on-the-go
* Who doesn’t love gummy candy?

Traveling this holiday season? Take every precaution, like grabbing a bottle of Airborne gummies, before you hit the road because the last thing you want is to be sick as the year closes out.

According to statistics released by the National Travel and Tourism Office earlier this year, the number of U.S. citizens traveling abroad in 2016 had increased by roughly 8% since 2015. Where did those roughly 67 million Americans go? Not that far, it turns out. Nearly 38 million Americans either visited Mexico or Canada with the other half visiting Europe, followed by the Caribbean and then Asia.

Domestic travel numbers during Thanksgiving were expected to break a 12-year record with upwards of 51 million Americans traveling more than 50 miles, so it might be worth thinking about combating all those germs in the coming weeks. Though the numbers for Christmas and New Year’s haven’t yet been released, it shouldn’t really matter when it comes to your health.

While there’s no surefire cure for the common cold, it can’t hurt to boost your Vitamin C intake with the help of a supplement like Airborne. Grab this two pack of orange-flavored Airbone gummies from Amazon for you and the whole family.

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