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Vital Vitamins: How to Get a Custom Supplements Regimen Mailed to Your Door

* Fill out a survey and receive a customized VitaminPack Suggestion
* Their team of experts has a combined 145 years of healthcare experience
* Get 50% off on your first order

Whether you’ve been taking vitamins since you were a kid with the Flintstone format, or just started a supplement routine last week, the question remains: are you taking the right supplements and correct dosage? Luckily, is here to make sure you get customized care delivered straight to your door. You get started by logging onto the site and filling out a detailed survey about your health and lifestyle. Their team of experts – including doctors and nutritionists – then compiles a personalized recommendation. Order it on the site, and they will pack it up for you and ship it straight to your door- free of charge.

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Founder and CEO Jason Brown wanted to start a company that took an approach to nutrition based on individual dietary needs. Their team of experts has over 145 years in healthcare experience combined. If you are not satisfied, they will provide a full refund within thirty days of your order. Instead spending money on costly nutritionist visits and wasted time prowling the aisles of your local drugstore, get your Vitamin Packs assessment, and have your customized order sent straight to your door.