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Keep Quenched: This Brilliant Water Flask Throttles Traditional Bottles

* Slim design that fits easily in your bags
* BPA-Free, food safe plastic
* Leak proof lid

You already know how important it is to drink enough water throughout the day. It keeps you hydrated, energized, and alert. However, maintaining your one-person water supply can be a little challenging. No one wants to carry an ordinary cup around, and buying bottles of water every time your thirst needs quenching is a waste of money and horrible for the environment. Plus, they’re not really designed to fit in your bag. Thankfully, the

solves all of that.

This 16-ounce water flask features a simple, slender design that fits easily into your bag, briefcase or backpack. That way, you have no problem keeping your drink supply at the ready. When you’ve run out, just un-screw the lid and refill it. This helps to save you money and it helps the environment. The lid is super strong and leak proof, so you don’t have to worry about the bottle exploding in your bag and destroying all of your belongings.

The Asobu E Flask is made of BPA-free, high clarity food safe plastic, so you don’t have to worry about plastic toxins leaching into your cool beverage unlike other water bottles.

Simply put, the Asobu is one of the smarter ways we’ve discovered to drink enough water each day. And while it’s not the flashiest gift, you couldn’t give a more practical one.