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Whole 30: How to Get Started With This Buzzed About Diet Plan

* Whole 30 is 2018’s most buzzed about diet so far
* Eat only whole foods for 30 days
* Simple and straightforward plan

With all the weight-oriented New Year’s resolutions made over the past couple months, you’ve probably heard about the Whole 30 diet. It’s been getting a ton of attention because it’s one of the few diets that really works for weight loss, as well as mood and energy improvement.

It’s a 30-day diet during which you eat only whole, anti-inflammatory foods. This means you have to cut out alcohol, added sugar, grains, baked goods, dairy, and anything processed. These things are replaced with meats, fruit, vegetables, healthy fats, and basically anything without an ingredients label. The result is a refreshing cleanse that doesn’t require total starvation.

Before you start, you’ll want to prepare by getting a good Whole 30 cookbook. Below are some of the best options you can order right now to help get you started on your wellness goals.

1. Eat Drink Be Healthy: Meal and Exercise Notebook


is great for any health-conscious person, and comes in very handy for the Whole 30 diet. It’s a little $5 book that gives you a structured system of recording what you ate, how you exercised, and how you feel throughout the day to help you monitor improvement.

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2. The 30 Day Whole Food Challenge

With over 500 recipes, detailed information about the Whole 30 diet, and a $12 price tag, The 30 Day Whole Food Challenge is one of the best diet guides available. It includes hearty recipes for 3 meals a day (and snacks) that consist of all the diet’s permitted foods.

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3. The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom

The Whole30 is written by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig, who created the Whole 30 diet. It’s less focused on recipes (although it has 100 of them), and more focused on the philosophy and science behind the diet. We recommend reading it (or at least skimming it) to get a better understanding of the diet and how it can benefit you.


4. The Whole30 Fast & Easy Cookbook

This cookbook is also written by Melissa Hartwig, and features 150 delicious Whole30-approved recipes. It’s also geared toward people that don’t have a lot of time to spend cooking (i.e. all of us), whereas some online recipes can take a long time to cook.


5. Instant Pot Whole 30 Cookbook

The Instant Pot has gotten a ton of hype this past year for it’s incredible ability to cook food in just minutes, and it’s all well-deserved. This cookbook utilizes the Instant Pot’s powers to make tasty Whole 30 recipes, and also includes some tips on how to get the most out of your Instant Pot.

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