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The Withings U-Scan Is A Urine Lab You Can Use Right At Home

If there’s one thing we can take away from the last few years, it’s that your health should be among your top priorities. During the pandemic, many of us struggled to focus on our health, as we were at home far more often than we expected to be. Fortunately, the market has addressed this, and we’re getting fantastic health products and services we can utilize right at home, such as the new Amazon Clinic

There have been some fantastic health tech announcements at CES 2023 this year, like Baracoda unveiling the first health tracker with an endless battery. Now, connected health company Withings has announced a new one-of-a-kind Urinalysis lab: The U-Scan.

The U-Scan is the world’s first hands-free connected urine lab that you can use in the comfort of your home, a massive convenience for anybody who’s immunocompromised or would prefer to avoid the hassle of visiting an in-person lab.

What We Love About Withings U-Scan

We get excited whenever we see products that aim to improve user well-being, and Withings has been doing it for almost fifteen years. They’re based in France but have a solid international reputation for making high-quality electronics. 

You might recognize Withings from their health tracker watches.

The U-Scan is entirely hygienic, all you need to do is place it in your toilet, and it’s ready to use. Upon release, Withings plans to feature two cartridges available to consumers: one to track menstrual cycles and another to monitor hydration and nutrition.

Courtesy of Withings

The U-Scan isn’t just for home use; it’s also optimized for use by healthcare professionals. The complete U-Scan system provides automated sample capture, biomarker analysis, and actionable data that can be analyzed and presented to audiences in various ways.

Pricing and Availability

The U-Scan starter kit will cost 499.95 EUR and come with one cartridge. Withings also plans on offering a monthly subscription service for new cartridges.

From the looks of it, the Withins U-Scan will be available in Europe first in Q2 2023. For the rest of us here in the U.S., it still needs to first pass FDA clearance before it could go on sale. Until then, check out SPY’s New Years’ Resolutions for a healthier 2023.