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Review: After Trying Out This Natural Antacid I’m Never Going Back To Tums

I was lucky enough to spend the first few years of my adult life completely ignorant of the horrors of heartburn and acid indigestion. My husband complained daily about both issues, and honestly, I thought he was exaggerating. Then I got pregnant with our first child and got a very swift schooling on just how real and horrendous both ailments can be. Admittedly, the words ‘burn’ and ‘acid’ should have clued me in.

The baby came out safely, but the heartburn and indigestion stayed, uniting my husband and me in our love/hate relationship of spicy food and coffee.

And fried foods. And also chocolate, carbonated drinks and alcohol. Pretty much anything fun.

We tried a no tomato, onion or garlic diet, but it turns out that tomatoes, onions and garlic make up 90% of flavorful meals. So, we stocked our home with Tums and Pepcid, did shots of baking soda (seriously) and chose which side of the couch we preferred to languish on during our nightly discomfort — until we found Wonderbelly.

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Courtesy of Wonderbelly

What Is Wonderbelly?

Wonderbelly was launched in June 2022 by brothers Lucas and Noah Kraft. The pair were inspired to find something more natural to treat Lucas’ gastric issues after the 2020 recall of the popular antacid Zantac. Together with a team of investors and gastroenterologists, they created Wonderbelly, a natural alternative to popular heartburn treatments.

Wonderbelly is an over-the-counter heartburn treatment that comes in a chewable tablet form. Available in three flavors, including Strawberry Milkshake, Citrus Mint, and Watermelon Mint, Wonderbelly is non-GMO and made without talc, gluten, artificial dyes or flavors, common allergens, or artificial sweeteners. Like Tums and other popular heartburn treatments, this vegan chewable tablet uses calcium carbonate as its active ingredient with no unnecessary fillers.

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Courtesy of Wonderbelly

Does Wonderbelly Work?

Yes. I take Wonderbelly when I have heartburn or acid reflux, and I feel better a few minutes after taking it. I know, this may not be the scientific answer you’re looking for, but my husband and I have taken every heartburn treatment you can name, and Wonderbelly is at least on par with its competitors, if not better, as far as effectiveness.

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Plus, it tastes great. Like, shockingly good. I highly recommend the Strawberry Milkshake. It’ll make you want to have heartburn — kidding. But if you’re taking something frequently, you want it to taste good. You know, like that spicy burrito you had for lunch that decides to pop up and say hi during your afternoon meeting? Like that, but soothing.


What’s the Downside?

The one downside to Wonderbelly is the price. Wonderbelly is currently only available directly to consumers from their website, and the best exists only with a subscription. The subscription makes sense if you deal with heartburn and indigestion as much as we do. For a variety pack that includes all three flavors, the price works out to 20 cents per tablet. I compared this to the average bottle of Tums sold on Amazon, which works out to five cents.

For 15 cents more, you can opt for a better-tasting product and one that is free from talc and other unnecessary additives.


The Verdict: Should You Buy It?

We say yes, with all of our heart(burn). If you suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion, Wonderbelly offers immediate relief using non-GMO ingredients that taste good. The brand also prides itself on its sustainable packaging, which includes a 100% plastic-free container made from recyclable aluminum and their carbon-neutral shipping model.

Their packaging is much more modern and cooler than traditional antacids, which doesn’t have anything to do with how well the product works, but I feel less old and lame given the frequency I have to reach for my heartburn tablets. That kind of makes my tummy feel better in itself.

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Courtesy of Wonderbelly

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