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I’m Convinced This $7 Amazon Find Is the Perfect Stocking Stuffer (and It Ships in Time for Christmas)

You only have one weekend left to complete your holiday shopping, and the rush is on to find the perfect gifts. Already, some of the best Christmas gifts are marked as “Arrives After Christmas” on Amazon, and the window is closing at other retailers, too.

Fortunately, one of our favorite affordable stocking stuffers is still in stock and set to arrive before Christmas Eve.

I’m talking about Welly Bravery Bandages and Adventure Kits, which I’m convinced are the perfect present for anyone on your list. Do you have a young Gen-Z teen on your list who loves all things aesthetic, as they say on TikTok? What about friends and siblings with kids of their own? Or maybe you have a Secret Santa who needs something under $25? Then try Welly for your last-minute gifting.

No matter who you’re shopping for, we highly recommend Welly, which makes high-quality first aid products that come in colorful, well-designed metal tins. First-aid products may not be the sexiest Christmas gifts, but they’re super practical, and your giftee will think about how much they appreciate you every time they get a cut, burn, blister or headache.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite Welly products for you below, which start at just $7. All of these kits are available via Amazon Prime and are set to arrive before Christmas. You can also keep reading for our full Welly reviews and find out why we love this brand so much!

Courtesy of Amazon

We featured the Welly Adventure Kit in our Best of 2021 Awards, and we still love them today. The First Aid Kit comes with everything you need to treat the little injuries and illnesses that come from a life well-lived. This kit includes medicine, ointment, antiseptic and hundreds of colorful and stylish bandages of all sizes. Kids will appreciate the colorful and fun designs on the bandages, while parents will appreciate having everything they need to treat boo-boos at the ready. Still, all ages can benefit from The Adventure Kit.

Courtesy of Amazon
12 Fun designs

This Welly tin comes with 48 bandages of various sizes, all featuring fun colors, patterns and prints. Best of all, there are 12 more Bravery Bandage kits to choose from. You can pick adorable monsters, llamas, unicorns, dinosaurs, sea creatures, planets and other kid-friendly designs. Your options also include waterproof bandages, which SPY found to be very long-lasting and effective.

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The Excursion Kit has also been SPY tested and approved, and it’s the largest Welly first aid kit to date. In particular, it’s a great kit to pack on adventures and road trips, but it can also work well for everyday injuries around the house. A bit too large to fit inside a stocking, it’s still an excellent Christmas gift for friends and family. This kit is only available via the Welly website, but you may be able to find it at stores like Target. With express shipping, it will arrive in time for the holidays.

Welly Reviews: Why I Love Welly Bandages

As the Site Director at, a product review website, I test out a lot of products for our readers. A couple of years ago, a brand I had never heard of, Welly, sent me a few colorful tins full of first-aid supplies. They sat on my desk for awhile, but when I finally took them home and opened them up, I’ve been telling everyone who will listen how much I love this brand.

I’m not the only one who loves Welly. The Amazon product page for the Adventure Kit has more than 17,000 Welly reviews, and these products have a near-perfect 4.8 star rating. What makes Welly kits worth it?

At first glance, Welly products might not seem that special. After all, it’s just a first aid kit. However, I’m a firm believer in the mantra “Safety First,” and I’m a lifelong member of safety club. Everyone will eventually get a papercut, blister or bug bite, and headaches and stomachaches are inevitable parts of life.

Opening the Welly Adventure Kit. Timothy Werth |
Inside of the Welly Adventure Kit showing Bravery Bandages. Timothy Werth |

A Welly first aid kit has everything you need to treat these problems and more. These kits also come with every type and size bandage you could ever possibly hope for, as well as ointments and medicines.

For my two-person household, my Well Adventure Kit lasted about a year. For $25, it’s a great value, and the colorful Welly bandages really do fit every possible type of non-emergency cut, burn, blister, bug bite or scrape.

I’ve been telling everyone to buy these first aid kits, and we’ve included them in our guide to the Best Christmas Gifts and the Best Stocking Stuffers of 2022.

The Welly Adventure Kit tested by for this review. Timothy Werth |

For a little while longer, you can buy these kits via Amazon or Welly and still have them arrive in time for the holidays. Even if you’re not holiday shopping, I think these kits are a great value.

Welly reviews often sing the brand’s praises for their fun designs, but the products are also high quality. For my own Welly review, I’ve been using these products for over a year, and I really do give them to everyone.

Of course, I really do love the design. I’m a sucker for a design-first brand, and I love that Welly’s first aid products and bandages come in cute little metal tins. The bright orange color of the Adventure Kit looks great in my cupboards, and this brand gets a 10/10 for design.

Courtesy of Amazon

Get your own Welly Adventure Kit. This particular first aid kit comes with ibuprofen, ointment, hydrocortisone cream, waterproof bandages, butterfly bandages, extra-large bandages, tape and more.

12 Fun designs

Looking for last-minute stocking stuffers? Try these waterproof Welly bandages, which come in a colorful tin. Choose from 12 fun designs.