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Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions On Track With This Notebook Planner

* Crafted from genuine goatskin leather
* Contains comprehensive planning tools
* Beautiful robin egg blue

It’s okay if you struggle to keep up with your 2017 New Year’s resolutions. We get it. As the year progresses, it truly becomes a challenge to keep track of your goals. But maybe the reason why you’ve had trouble keeping your resolutions right isn’t because of what you wrote, but rather where you wrote them down.

Although technology usually makes our lives easier – and most of us have found a way to do away with paper completely – the traditional planner is still one of the most effective organization tools out there. This 2017 Notebook Planner from Fine Keepsakes takes care of all your scheduling and planning needs in a simple yet elegant manner. Wrapped in genuine goatskin, with gilded edges and cream-white paper, the planner provides a quiet confidence and peace of mind you don’t get when you jot things down on your iPhone or email notes to yourself while hungover on New Year’s Day.

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Also available in five other colors (click on image above to view)[/caption]

Its 224 acid-free pages contain an agenda, planner, calendar, metro maps of 16 different cities, weight and measure conversions/equivalents, and U.S. and international holidays. The planner features both week and month views, so you can jot down your plans in the format that works best for your planning style. It also comes with a double-faced fine satin ribbon marker, so you can easily locate your current plans, while looking forward to what’s ahead. Who knows, this might be the year you keep your resolutions just yet.

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