Lived-In Review: Ab Crew’s 3-Step Plan For a Washboard Stomach

6 pack abs
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* Fat burning supplements, gels and oils to supplement your workout
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* Important to maintain strong abs even in winter months

There are many reasons you might need to look better, fast. Perhaps you’re planning a winter escape on a sunny beach. You could be newly single and want to make a good impression on Tinder. Or maybe, like a lot of people, you workout regularly and just don’t get the results you want. Whatever the dilemma, Ab Crew is your solution for getting a tighter tummy on short notice.

A new, men’s-focused line from Canadian boutique beauty company, Deciem, Ab Crew offers a series of products that, like the name suggests, help to sculpt, enhance and care for those often-pesky abdominal muscles.

Of course, a consistent exercise program and healthy diet (low sugar, high protein) are necessary components for six-pack abs. There’s nothing non-surgical that can instantly undo decades of beer, pizza and sloth. That being said, here’s what happened when we tested out the brand’s 3-step plan for using Ab Crew products to fastrack your path to fitness success.

Step 1: Ab Shredder Dietary Supplement

Formulated with a blend of natural extracts, the Ab Shredder Dietary Supplement is designed to boost your metabolism, burn fat, and shed water weight. I noticed results right away. Since each bottle comes with a 40-day supply, you could use it short term and get multiple shredding cycles. The serving is three caplets daily. It’s easiest to just take it along with your multivitamin.

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Step 2: Ab Carving Gel

If you do lots of crunches, you may experience the frustration of knowing that there’s a cut-up stomach underneath your layer of fat. Unfortunately, the “spare tire” is the first place most people gain weight, and the last place we lose it. Ab Carving Gel speeds up the process.

Its marine-plant complex formula increases the temperature below the skin, accelerating the fat burning process. The faster those deposits disappear, the sooner your 6-pack will appear. When I used this gel, I could feel the tingle of our fat burning as soon as I applied it. (Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt and your skin doesn’t actually get burned).

A bonus: the masculine fragrance of desert sand and black rock means you can skip cologne for the day. I found co-workers asking about the new scent I was using, and they were surprised to discover it was from a body carving gel. Quick tip: just be sure to let the gel absorb before you put a shirt on — it’ll leave a slight residue unless it’s fully dry.

ab carving gel Image courtesy of Ab Crew


Step 3: Shredding Oil

Formulated with a fat-fighting marine complex, Ab Crew’s Shredding Oil also contains anti-aging ingredients to target stretch marks, scars and cellulite. Use it daily in conjunction with the Ab Carving Gel to maximize the benefits. I did the Carving Gel in the morning and the Shredding Oil at night, but you can do whatever works for you.

Another smart way to use the Shredding Oil is to apply it all over when you’re skin is on display. A sparing amount of oil will accentuate your muscles and define your abs. It also leaves your skin looking healthy and hydrated.

ab shred oil Image courtesy of Ab Crew

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