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Get Instant Abs For Just $15 With This Body Shaping T-Shirt

* Reduces the appearance of a beer gut and man boobs
* Slims down discreetly – tucks easily under your shirt or sweater
* Because why should shaping garments be a female-only thing?

A figure hack that basically does for a male torso what “spanx” are supposed to do for a butt, this body-shaping T-shirt is made of nylon and is apparently shape-boosting without being super uncomfortable or confining. Men’s fashion was once full of figure-shaping undergarments, but in the last century or so it has really lagged in this market. Napoleonic-era dudes used to wear binding waistcoats, compression leggings, elevator heels and jackets with shoulder pads that might make the most extravagant stylists of the 80s think twice.

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This T-shirt is not a whale-bone corset or one of those stiff waistcoats of yesteryear, but it does reduce the appearance of gynecomastia, a gut, a “muffin top,” or just a little excess weight without painfully cutting off your circulation. Billed as a “man boob compression shirt,” it lets you go from “before” to “after” in a few seconds and with exactly zero crunches or sit-ups. It’s less a corset and more in effect a push-up bra for men, or as Kramer from Seinfeld might call it, a “push-up bro.”

Still, it’s an affordable, easy hack to getting that six-pack — or at least faking it for a few outings untilyou finally hit the gym.

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