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Trust Us, You Need This $105 Mini Massage Gun In Your Life

The world of massage guns, and the demand for them, has exploded during the past few years. Massage guns are powerful fitness recovery tools that deliver deep tissue massage work anywhere and work fast to relieve sore spots, kinks, and stimulate blood flow to critical areas. Therabody, Hyperice and similar high-end guns set the standard early on for top-notch percussion, and since then we’ve seen many other brands enter the massage gun space offering great products. One which I got the opportunity to try, and fell in love with, was the addsfit Mini Massage Gun.

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Courtesy of Amazon


My boyfriend and I tried out the mini massage gun alongside other, full-sized massage guns as part of a multi-product trial. Both of us work out daily and during quarantine we’ve acquired essentially a full-sized gym’s worth of equipment in our spare bedroom that has now become our de facto home gym. So, massage guns are desperately needed, as we’re both constantly sore and searching for ways to care for and help our bodies recover. This mini massage gun from addsfit was, by far, our favorite out of the four funs we tried, and I’ll explain why.

Large massage guns are great for general bodily wellness — they’re excellent at stimulating blood flow across the body, soothing large sore muscles and bringing you back to a place of equilibrium after a couple of tough training days. However, if you’ve got a specific spot that’s bugging you and you really need to dig in — this mini massage gun is the way to go.

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It fits right in the palm of your hand! Image Courtesy of the Author

First of all, the size is perfect. When I first unboxed it, it looked small, but once I started using it I started to prefer it over the larger massage guns. It fits right in the palm of your hand which makes it super easy to handle and maneuver when trying to reach a specific spot. It’s also easier to give yourself a massage on your back and neck because it’s smaller and easier to hold.

It’s also powerful — I’ve never used it on more than the first power setting because the other ones feel way too intense. Size has definitely not impacted their ability to put an intense motor in this thing.

It’s also heavy enough to feel substantial in your hand but doesn’t become laborious to hold like other, bigger, massage guns can.

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addsfit Mini Massage Gun with both heads, and my AirPods Pro case for size reference. Image Courtesy of the Author

It comes with two different heads — a trigger point and a flatter plate. The trigger point is the head we’ve stuck with most of the time as it better suits this gun’s specialty of relieving specific muscle points, rather than giving a large, therapeutic massage. The flatter plate also works very well for concentrating on muscle groups in your traps, shoulders and upper arms.

The gun heads are easy to switch out, and overall the gun’s functionality is very simple and straightforward due to its small size. There’s one button on the whole device that turns it on and off, and switches between the intensity levels.

I’ll also note that, due to its size, it’s much quieter than other massage guns. The makers say it has a noise level of 40db which feels right. It has a low hum when it’s working, but it’s more of a vibration rather than an actual sound that would become bothersome after a while.

It charges quickly and we have yet to use the whole battery, but we have kept it on the charger most of the time when it’s not in use.

Its makers purport it as the “smallest, most lightweight massage gun” available which I believe — I have yet to see another one like this. The specs say it has a 6mm stroke depth and can go up to 27lbs of stroke force, making it ideal for people of all age groups and strength levels. I’d definitely second this statement — because it’s mini it won’t injure the average user like some more intense massage guns can. It would also be easier for younger people to use due to its size, not that I would necessarily recommend that. It came in a zip-up travel case that’s nothing super special but will do the job when I inevitably bring this thing with me everywhere.

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Courtesy of addsfit

My one note is that I wish it had some sort of grip-able silicone on the handle or a texture change of some sort, as the smooth metal can sometimes slip out of your hand.

Overall, it’s a solid massage gun and a near-perfect mini massage gun. If you need one to travel with — look no further. If you’ve got tight spots around your body that need some work — this will become your go-to. It’s the gun you didn’t know you needed but won’t believe you didn’t have, and it’s only $105 on Amazon.

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