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Dip Low Mats: The 5 Best Yoga Mats Under $20

* Yoga is beneficial for body and mind, providing everything from stress relief to increased flexibility
* Find the right mat for you, at a price that won’t break the bank
* Look for mats that come with bonus accessories, like carrying straps

The practice of Yoga can be traced back to 3000 BC, as stone-carved figures in India dating back to that era feature yoga poses that are still in practice today. Its origins are in Hindu philosophy, and one of the major Hindu schools is actually called Yoga, but yoga practices are also found in Buddhist and Jain traditions, too, preaching the practice of slow movements, stretching, calmness, meditation and release.

Whatever your reasons for being a yoga devotee, finding the right mat is crucial, and you need to consider things like thickness, material, and of course, cost. These yoga mats are affordable, and come with handy add-ons like carrying straps, as well as a variety of fun colors you can choose from, so you never mix up your (sweaty) mat with someone else’s at the studio again.

1. Gaiam Essentials Premium Yoga Mat

Choose between six different colors for this classic yoga mat, which is well-reviewed online. This non-toxic mat is free from chemicals and plasticizers that other companies use to help strengthen and bond their mats. This Gaiam Yoga Mat is also textured with a non-slip surface for extra traction and grip. With an included strap and sling, there’s no excuse not to hit that sunrise session.

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Image Courtesy of Gaiam

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2. BalanceFrom GoYoga

This mat is 1/4″ thick, giving you added support for your spine and joints during difficult poses. It’s also moisture-resistant, which means you can give it a quick clean once you’re done with soap and water. Experts also recommend unrolling and airing out your mat after every session and wipe down. This mat also comes with a carrying strap and is backed by a two-year warranty.

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Image Courtesy of BalanceFrom


3. BalanceFrom GoFit All-Purpose

Padded with 10 mm foam, this mat gives you just that extra bit of cushioning between you and the hard floor. Double-sided with non-slip surfaces, it’s built to help combat any potential injuries by giving you a solid grip under your feet. One of the best-reviewed yoga mats online, this one currently carries a 4.6 star rating out of 5.

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Image Courtesy of BalanceFrom


4. ELENTURE Full-Zip Exercise Yoga Mat Carry Bag

The #1 seller on Amazon for Yoga carrying bags, this case not only fits most standard Yoga mats, but also has handy side pockets for your water bottle and other essentials. Water-resistant and complete with a simple shoulder strap, you can sling it on and go. A ton of different colors and patterns let you choose one that best represents your style. (Note: this is just the bag; it doesn’t include the yoga mat).

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Image Courtesy of Elenture


5. AmazonBasics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Mat

This mat from AmazonBasics has just that extra bit of cushioning you might need for added support. Made of lightweight foam, it’s got the added durability without the added weight, plus its textured surface ensures that you never slip off. This comes in seven colors and is backed by almost 1500 customers reviews.

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Image Courtesy of AmazonBasics

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