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Get Voke: Here’s Why We Swapped Our Morning Coffee For These Superfood Tablets

* Too much coffee can cause stomach upsets, restlessness and insomnia
* This alternative supplement improves brain performance and provides energy
* It’s also plant based and free from sweeteners, calories, sugar and additives

There’s no two ways about it. People drink coffee for a reason. In the mornings, it’s a quick and easy way to give yourself a boost of energy and mental stimulation, which helps you achieve everything you want to in the day. But, it’s not all roses. Not only does your daily cup seem to constantly increase in price, the side effects that some experience from too much caffeine exposure can be a real downer. So is there a way to get the energy and mental stimulation of coffee without the sleepless nights and restlessness? Yes, there is.

is a plant-based superfood supplement, which provides a whole host of benefits. These include improved focus, better memory, an energy boost and even help with improving your general mood.

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The handy supplement comes in a chewable tablet form. This makes Voke easy to take at home, at the office or even out on the go. Inside each tablet is a mix of known superfoods. Raw guarana seed increases focus and helps with your mood. Red beetroot is filled with antioxidants and a range of essential nutrients. And acerola cherry provides vitamin C and general immune support. You’ll also find Voke includes a natural source of caffeine in the form of green tea.

The suggested dosage is one tablet in the morning to get you up and ready for the day ahead and a second tablet around lunchtime to give you a midday boost to see you through until home time. To make it even simpler, the tablets come pre-packed in 2-tablet sachets and are discreet and easy to carry in purses, pockets or wallets.

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If you’ve been thinking of ditching the coffee but haven’t come across an alternative that ticks all the right boxes, it’s worth giving this plant-based, scientifically backed alternative a go. You’ll thank us when restless days and sleepless nights become a thing of the past.


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