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Ditch Your Personal Trainer and Let HAL Teach You Instead

Personal trainers are useful. They help you pick out problems with your form and perform workouts the way they’re meant to be done. Computers couldn’t replace that — until now. Thanks to Altis, the world’s “first true AI personal trainer,” you can get more information about your workouts than ever before. Since it doesn’t require users to wear sensors for tracking, it could be one of the best home gym machines you can get.

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What We Love About the Altis AI Personal Trainer

Altis is an at-home personal trainer. You don’t need to go anywhere special to use it; in fact, you can learn proper form in the comfort of your own bedroom (provided you have space to stretch out, of course). It utilizes computer vision technology to track your form in real-time.

Altis uses trademarked Body GPS technology that recognizes where each one of your limbs is with one-centimeter accuracy. It also takes this data to determine joint velocity; in other words, it can tell where and how fast you move.

This information is then used to provide suggestions on your form and technique through a live, 3D avatar. Workouts like squats and deadlifts require trained technique to be pulled off without injury, and it can be tough to learn these workouts on your own. Altis provides on-screen guidance to show you proper form.

Altis AI Trainer

It will then learn your workouts and performance over time to provide personalized training plans through Cerebrus AI technology.

Perhaps the best part of this technology is that you don’t have to outfit yourself with uncomfortable sensors or gear. You can work out in your favorite clothes and it will still work just fine.

The next best thing? It’s ready out of the box. No tedious setup or complicated assembly to work through. One of the hardest things about setting up home gym equipment, like fitness mirrors, is that they often require being wall mounted with the aid of anchors and some drilling. With this, however, you won’t have to deal with all of that hassle.


Altis AI Trainer Pricing and Availability

Altis is available now through Indiegogo for a discounted launch price of $1,199. It will become available at the end of summer, though no specific date has been given.

Altis AI Trainer

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