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For Less Than $100 You Can Trace Your Ancestry And Finally Fill In Your Family Tree

* World’s most accurate DNA test, now available for less
*AncestryDNA includes more than 350 regions and 190 million migration stories
* Where did your family come from?

For just $99, you can finally fill in the gaps and get a detailed, accurate portrait of your family’s ancestry. For a limited time only, AncestryDNA is offering users the opportunity to gain inside access to the single largest DNA network in the world.

With the ability to pinpoint your heritage to more than 350 regions around the world, AncestryDNA offers five times as many region origins than any other DNA test. They’re also the only DNA test to offer more than 190 different migration stories. You can actually chart and follow your distant relatives’ historical movements. Where were they from? How did they get here? Who else is related to you nearby?

With more than 90 million family trees and billions of historical records in tow, this is one of the few DNA kits to not only help you see where you and your family come from, it’s also able to fill in all the holes as to both how and when.

Finding your heritage with this kit is incredibly simple: just order the kit, activate it online and send it back with your saliva sample in the prepaid package. Wait between six to eight weeks and that’s it. Your tailored, detailed ancestry can open up a whole new world of possibilities. After all, sometimes knowing where you come from can help you see where you’re going.

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