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Armpit Thermometers Are a More Comfortable Way To Take Your Temperature

PROS: Fast and easy way to take anyone’s temperature
CONS: Taking temperature in your armpit might not yield the most accurate results 
TAKEAWAY: No matter which kind you choose, digital thermometers will help make your life easier

When it comes to digital thermometers, you usually have three different read options: via the mouth, underarm (axillary) or rectal. Under the arm readings are especially helpful and perfect for children who are too old for rectal measurements, yet too young to hold a thermometer in their mouth. It can help make life easier when trying to take the temperature of a scared and crying child.

For adults, it’s also an easy and less invasive way to check for a fever. Whether your thermometer of choice is a tech-savvy, app-based one or a basic digital, we have listed below a few great options that all allow you to take accurate temperatures in different ways, to keep everyone happy and healthy.

1. White Coat Fast Reading Digital Thermometer

When basic is all you need, the White Coat Fast Reading Digital Thermometer provides you with everything a thermometer should have, sans any bells and whistles. This quick-read digital thermometer provides an accurate temperature in 10-30 seconds depending on where you are testing, is easy to read and comes with a fever alarm that will sound to indicate a temperature of 100 degrees or higher. Suitable for oral, rectal or under the arm readings, this thermometer is safe for all members of your family, has a flexible tip to ensure comfort and provides a last reading recall so you can compare results over time.

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2. Enji Prime Digital Thermometer

The Digital Thermometer by Enji provides an accurate and fast reading of your child’s temperature in just ten seconds. This thermometer is suitable for armpit, oral and rectal readings, has a quality, waterproof design, comes with extra probe covers and a sanitary storage case to keep it clean. Ideal for the entire family, this thermometer will make taking your children and infants’ temperatures a breeze as well, due to its rapid fast-read and flexible tip to ensure maximum comfort.

With an accurate digital display window and large numbers, this thermometer has everything you need for a positive temperature-taking experience and can even be used for your pets.

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3. Kinsa QuickCare Smart Digital Thermometer

Take your temperature-taking up a notch with the Kinsa QuickCare Bluetooth Digital Smart Thermometer. This thermometer gives you the ability and ease of use a smartphone app to help you understand how to feel better faster, when to take meds and whether to call the doctor, based on the temperature reading.

This digital thermometer works on adults, kids, toddlers and babies to provide professionally accurate and reliable oral, rectal or armpit temperature readings in eight seconds or less. While use of the app is not required for taking a temperature, the app will also help to keep track of your family’s health, set reminders, and connect to telemedicine. The best part, however, is that the app will keep your fidgety kids still during readings with a fun Bubble Game and/or Sesame Street mode.

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