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Arnold Schwarzenegger Recommends Foam Rolling To Help You Sleep At Night, So Grab This One And Rest Easy

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s newsletter today suggests we all start thinking about exercise as something that can actively help us sleep. He’s not just talking about being too tired out after a session, but about how foam rolling can help to relax muscles and unwind at the end of the day. Thankfully we already know a lot of the best foam rollers anyway, so we’re in a good position to help out. It helps that we’re also the kind of people that’ll basically try anything to see if it works, because experimentation is key, and also sleep can be hard to manage sometimes.

The aim here is to help the muscles relax, which can actively reduce some anxiety and boost serotonin, which can be a big part of sleeping better. If foam rolling simply isn’t something you vibe with, then you can get a similar effect with a good massage, or failing having someone to do that, one of the best massage guns. The important thing is that the muscles are relaxed, which helps the person relax, which helps them sleep better as a result.

It’s also worth noting that Arnie’s newsletter is a daily source of inspiration and good vibes, so it’s worth signing up to, especially for those who love fitness in general. It’s especially interesting because he regularly cites proper studies into how our bodies work, and today’s one on foam rolling is genuinely interesting. We appreciate that not everyone wants to read dense medical articles, but if knowledge is power, then spending a bit more time each day reading something like this is sure to make us all more powerful.

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Not only is this foam roller a good price, it’s also as sturdy as should be needed, and has a pattern designed to hit deep into the muscles. It even comes with a 4K eBook to make sure the user understands how to get the most out of it.