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Never Forget To Floss With This $30 Dental Floss Dispenser

* Easily attaches to your bathroom mirror
* Frowns when you forget to floss with habit-forming LED reminders
* Delivers the perfect amount of floss every time

While we’re drilled to brush our teeth twice a day, flossing is that added step that gets neglected when we’re crunched for time or just forget. As one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep our mouths healthy, there should be no excuses to skip it, yet it happens more than we’d like to admit.

This is where Flosstime comes in: it’s the first automated dental floss dispenser of its kind, made to create healthy flossing habits. The simple round device easily mounts to your bathroom mirror and uses a bit of negative/positive reinforcement to remind you to go that extra step — an LED light frowns if you haven’t flossed your teeth and smiles after you do.

Find inside a replaceable floss cartridge and, with a single push of a button, the perfect amount of floss is dispensed and easily cut. It goes further by timing your flossing, getting to know your habits and informing its system of reminders. A dual-user feature allows the device to be shared, so you’re not the only one enjoying the benefits of this dental health helper.

Other options have the whole family in mind, too. Snap on “Mr Croakersby,” a green frog attachment, to transform the dispenser into a fun tool for the kids — though if you use it for your own amusement, no judgments here. Because when it’s about your health, even the silliest means justify the end.