The Best Baby Bike Seats for Taking Your Little Ones on Your Next Ride

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The best kind of bicycle ride is the kind where the whole family gets to go together. Once you’re a confident rider, riding a bike is as easy as, well . . . riding a bike. But, for the little ones in the household, they might be relying on you for a chauffeured ride in style as they sit back and relax in their favorite child bike seat

There are four main ways in which a baby or child seat can be attached to your bike, depending on preference and the age of the child. It’s important to bear in mind communication and visibility along with the purpose of your bike rides when choosing the best baby bike seat for you. Whether going from A to B, exploring the outdoors or simply squeezing in some exercise, it’s always more fun with some company on board. 

Here’s a simple breakdown of each style of child bike seat to help you choose the best for you:

  • Front-Mounted – A front-mounted bike seat can be a good selection for those with confident arm strength, as it allows for increased control. However, if you struggle with upper body strength, this might not be the best attachment location for your child’s bike seat. On the other hand, this style of seat allows for the best view in the house for your child but equally can be an obstruction to your view. We’d suggest a front-mounted seat for those who have previously used a center or rear-mounted seat. 
  • Center-Mounted – A lot of riders prefer for their child to be located in front of them rather than behind. This helps to avoid nightmares of your baby falling off without you knowing and improves overall stability compared to front-mounted seats. Center-mounted seats are attached to the crossbar and are usually able to adapt to either a straight or slanted style. 
  • Rear-Mounted – This is the classic baby bike seat, the one we all first think of when shopping for one (until we’ve read this round-up and realize there are more options available). Rear-mounted seats are often a favorite by users thanks to their quality and stability. However, bear in mind your child will be behind you and not in front, so communication is minimal.
  • Trailer – If you didn’t have one of these when you were small, you probably spent your first years of bike traveling wishing you did. Trailer seats are often a great way to cater for more than one child. They also double up as a great solution for moving a considerable number of items from one place to another.

We’ve created a round-up of the nine best child bike seats available on Amazon to help you choose. There is a range of different seat styles as referenced above, along with a selection of color options and safety features, to ensure you invest in the best bike seat for you (and your child).


1. Schwinn Child Bike Seat


While we don’t often think about cycling quickly with a child on board, your speedy peddling is welcomed by The Schwinn Child Bike Seat, as it has cut out areas in its shell that allows wind to pass straight through the seat without any drag. This classic bike seat is both lightweight and user friendly. It also has a three-point harness for safety and to encourage a good posture for your child when traveling. For a customized fit, you can adjust the footwells and the headrest.

schwinn back wheel bike chair Image courtesy of Amazon


2. VAE Seat for Children


Finding a children’s bike seat for under $50.00 is quite difficult, but here we have the VAE Seat for Children. This seat is designed for children ages two to five years old and will fit onto any mountain bicycle, whether it has a flat or slanted crossbar. To attach the seat, simply use the quick release fixture and clip it into place. You don’t need to worry about damaging the paintwork of your bike with this seat, either, as the fixture has rubber padding inside for a snug and safe fit.

baby bike seat / child bike seat vae Image courtesy of Amazon


3. CyclingDeal Bicycle Seat for Children


Although the CyclingDeal Bicycle Seat for Children looks similar to those you see designed for behind the rider, it actually sits in front and attaches to the crossbar with its universal, quick release bracket. The grey handlebar at the front of the seat is great for your child to hold onto, and the bright yellow foot holders keep their legs from kicking as you concentrate on the peddle power. The harness and straps of this seat can be adapted to fit riders from nine months up to three years of age.

cyclingdeal mid bike chair Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Bell Child Bicycle Seats


One of the great things about the Bell Child Bicycle Seat is that it’s possible to attach it to your bike in multiple locations. The back of the grey plastic seat has cut-out holes for wind ventilation, and the permanently installed harness has a three-point system, making it safe from any budding Houdinis. Inside the seat is a padded cushion for extra comfort, so whether you decide to attach it behind or in front of you, your little one will be as comfy as can be.

bell shell children bike seat Image courtesy of Amazon


5. WeeRide Child Bike Seat


For the ultimate in safety and security, opt for the WeeRide Child Bike Seat. It’s center-mounted and has a circle barrier, allowing your child to lean forward as much as they can without the risk of interfering with your ride. The footwells are large enough for all shoe sizes, but, again, they will not get in the way of your movement as you ride. Just from looking at this seat and the structure of its harness, you’ll feel safe knowing your child will be kept in place.

baby bike seat / child bike seat weeride Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Bellelli Bicycle Baby Seat


Even a slow ride probably feels like zooming around a racing track to those small enough to sit in the Bellelli Bicycle Baby Seat, and so it’s quite fitting the design resembles a Formula 1 car. It’s made with non-toxic plastic which is both lightweight and water-resistant. The quick-release fixture makes attaching it to your bike an easy process, and the installed three-point harness ensures your child is safe throughout the journey. You can choose from red and blue, yellow or grey and red, but whichever you go for, the enclosed design complete with ergonomic back support will be ready to look after your child on the move.

baby bike seat / child bike seat bellelli Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Instep Bicycle Trailer for Children


Let your child ride in style with the Instep Bicycle Trailer for Children. This child bike seat is ideal for two small children of up to 12 pounds combined (or any goods up to the same weight). The exterior material, which also doubles up as a bug screen, is available in blue, light blue, green, grey or red, so no doubt you and your towed-along child convoy will be turning heads as you zoom past in style.

instep bike seat trailor Image courtesy of Amazon


8. iBert Safe-T-Seat


The iBert Safe-T-Seat might look like the future of child bike seats, but in fact, it’s the present. Give your little rider the best view possible thanks to its center-mounted and innovative design. As your child rides high on the handlebars, you’ll have complete control with your arms on either side of them. This seat is available in a funky range of colors, namely pink, red or green, and has a central padded circle for protection as well as a built-in harness.

ibert front mounted bike seat Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Thule Yepp Bike Child Seat


The quality of this rear-mounted seat is superior to all others within our roundup, but, of course, this is reflected in the price. The design is comfortable for both the in-seat user and the rider, as it will absorb any shock on the move and stay well out of the way of your legs as you ride. There’s also a built-in reflector and a light attachment on the back, so you can stay streetwise and let everyone know exactly where you are.

thule back bike seat Image courtesy of Amazon


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