Here’s Why You Really Need to Switch Your Office Chair for a Balance Ball Chair

best balance ball chair
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If you work a nine to five office job, it’s more than likely a large portion of your day is spent sitting on your behind in an office chair. And while there are plenty of technologically-advanced chairs available, sitting for such long periods in any form is going to have a negative effect on your body. From general fatigue to aches and pains, sitting incorrectly for long periods can leave you counting the minutes until the end of the week when you get to stay at home and rest.

One way to address your nine-to-five slouching and improve sitting position is to switch your office chair with a balance ball chair. These yoga-inspired chairs require your body to engage its core while keeping good posture at the same time. It may seem like a crazy idea, but after you have forced your body to adjust to the change, you’ll find you have less temptation to slouch into your chair, and instead, you’ll enjoy stronger core muscles and a healthier natural sitting position. In addition, the ball’s bounciness provides plenty of entertainment and stimulation throughout the day when you need to get your brain going.

We’ve put together eight of the best balance ball chairs for your office. Styles range from sitting on a rounded ball and nothing else to balls mounted inside a metal frame for a more familiar style of chair. Whatever model you choose, you can rest assured that these health-conscious chairs will engage your core and improve your sitting posture in no time.

1. Safco Products Zenergy Ball Chair


With its attractive design and range of eye-catching color choices, Safco Products Zenergy Ball Chair is a great addition to any home or work place. The backless design keeps your body on the move constantly and also helps to promote good posture, core muscle strength and concentration. The chair even sports a low profile design and only weighs 15 pounds, meaning it’s easily moved and adjusted. In addition, the chair is Greenguard certified, meaning it meets some of the world’s strictest standards for emissions and chemical exposure.

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2. Trideer Exercise Ball


The Trideer Exercise Ball is a two-in-one seating and workout choice. When you’re at your desk, it makes a great sitting chair, helping you to achieve good posture and a partial workout while you’re sitting. Then, the slip-resistant ball can also be used during genuine workouts, too. Whether you’re working your abs, glutes or delts, these versatile exercise balls help you target all areas. They’re available in a wide range of different colors and a number of different sizes, too.

best balance ball chair trideer Image courtesy of Amazon


3. WALIKI Adult Size Chair Ball


With its intelligent, built-in legs, the WALIKI Adult Size Chair Ball will improve your posture and engage your core while sitting. The design also prevents the ball from rolling away when you get up. The smart design features four collapsible legs, which collapse when put under weight, meaning the ball requires your control to stay in place while you’re sitting on it. Once you get up, the legs pop out again, giving you a chair incapable of rolling away. These smart chairs are a great office or classroom alternative and are made from a strong and durable material in a range of sizes.

best balance ball chair waliki Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Gaiam Balance Disc


Rather than having to buy a completely new chair, the Gaiam Balance Disc Wobble Cushion Stability Core Trainer is a smart tool which turns any chair into an active seat. It’s available in three different color options and can be placed on your existing seat like any normal cushion. However, rather than just pure comfort, this active cushion will improve your sitting posture and engage your core muscles as well. If you’re interested in trying out an active chair before diving right into the ball craze, this is an excellent option.

best balance ball chair gaiam Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Vivora Luno Sitting Ball Chair


The Vivora Luno Sitting Ball Chair features a lightweight design and attractive appearance. It’s available in two different sizes depending on your needs and is an ideal addition to offices, living rooms, classrooms and more. It includes a built-in handle for easy maneuvering and comes in a range of stylish neutral colors, ensuring there’s a choice to match your decor. As you sit on the ball, you’ll find it activates both your core and back, correcting your posture and relieving back pain in some cases. 

best balance ball chair vivora Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Isokinetics Inc. Fitness Ball Chair


The Isokinetics Inc. Brand Adjustable Fitness Ball Chair sports an attractive combination of a metal frame with functional plastic components. The design includes five adjustable rolling wheels for easy portability as well as an adjustable backrest, which lets you choose between four different positions to ensure maximum comfort for your back. This chair is a great addition to any office, school or home and comes in two different frame colors with a range of different colored balls inside.

best balance ball chair isokinetics Image courtesy of Amazon


7. PharMeDoc Balance Ball Chair


With its rolling wheels and collapsible back support, the PharMeDoc Balance Ball Chair is a great choice for users who want a chair which is easy to store and can be wheeled out from time to time. The portability of the chair makes it a solid option for office workers who fancy a timeshare chair, letting you rotate between more comfortable and supportive chairs as you wish. The ball is 52 centimeters across and can be removed for a ball-only chair option or use in one of your personal workouts.

best balance ball chair pharmedoc Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Aeromat Deluxe Ball Chair


The Aeromat Deluxe Ball Chair looks a lot like a conventional rolling chair with an exercise ball where the seat should be. By switching the seat out for a ball, sitting on the chair promotes active sitting, engaging your core and improving your posture. The five wheels make moving the chair around your home or office simple, and each one is lockable if you prefer to keep your chair in one place. In addition, the ball is also removable and can be used during your personal exercise workouts or as a stand alone seat.

best balance ball chair aeromat Image courtesy of Amazon


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