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Baracoda Offers Sneak Peek At World’s First Health Tracker With ‘Endless Battery’

It isn’t very often that we see a genuinely revolutionary product hit the market unless CES 2023 is happening. We’ve been floored this year by the innovation displayed at CES, and health tech pioneer Baracoda’s new BHeart might be the most impressive thing we’ve heard about.

The BHeart is the newest health fitness tracker to enter a market full of competition, including industry giant Fitbit. What makes this health tracker so special is the fact that it utilizes your body movements to charge it, saving you a little bit on your electric bill and reducing carbon emissions.

Baracoda’s BHeart is certainly the most unique health tracker we’ve seen yet, and some fantastic options are already on the market. Take a look below at everything we know so far about the Baracoda BHeart health tracker and see what all of the fuss is about.

What We Love About the Baracoda BHeart

Baracoda is a relatively new company, but they’ve already built a big reputation in the health tech industry. They’ve already won three CES innovation awards before 2023 and most famously collaborated with Colgate to launch their first smart toothbrushes.

As far as health trackers go, you won’t find anything like the Baracoda BHeart. We love the fact that it’s designed with sustainability in mind, and we also love the convenience of not having to hook it up to a charger.

Courtesy of BHeart

The BHeart features a minimalist, screen-less design that can be worn as part of a watch or as a simple bracelet. Its sensors connect with the BHeart smartphone app to share insights about your health, including your activity level, mental resilience, sleep quality, and general health status.

Pricing and Availability

The Baracoda BHeart isn’t available yet, but you won’t have to wait very long to buy it. Barracuda plans to release the BHeart this April, starting at only $100. The BHeart app will be available for free in both Google Play and the Apple App Store in June 2023. If you feel like you can’t wait until April to track your day-to-day health, there are plenty of fitness trackers available now to consider.

There’s no arguing that it’s an ambitious gadget, but we’re eager to see for ourselves if it’s worth the hype when we check it out in person.