SPY Guide: The Best Socks to Buy For Barre Class

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* Barre classes incorporate a range of workout styles, including dance and pilates
* This high-energy class uses equipment like a mat and the barre in a ballet studio
* In some studios, you need to wear sticky socks because of the slippery floors

Barre classes take their name from the eponymous horizontal wooden bar that adorns every ballet studio. These versatile classes often incorporate the use of the barre as part of the workout along with a whole host of other elements taken from other fitness activities. Whether it’s yoga, pilates, dance, resistance training or even ballet, you’ll find plenty of familiar moves in your barre class.

Where yoga and pilates tend to shy away from any cardio, barre embraces it. Therefore, this effective form of exercise is able to work several aspects of your body at once. You can expect improvements in your core strength, a stronger cardiovascular system, better flexibility and straighter posture along with a leaner and more toned look from the hundreds of calories burned every class.

Chantel Keona
4 years
Thanks for sharing!

Chantel Keona
4 years
Thanks for sharing!

As these classes generally take place in something akin to a ballet studio, it’s important to dress properly. You’ll need to wear form-fitting workout attire, and, because you don’t wear shoes in a barre class, you’ll need sticky or non-slip socks to ensure you have a good grip on the floor. If you don’t arrive prepared, you may have to buy socks before class time (unless they come as part of your class). However, for those who like to be prepared, we’ve put together six great workout socks to buy before your next barre class.

1. Barerun Women’s Ballerina Shoes

With a tough leather sole, the high-quality Barerun Women’s Ballerina Shoes are ideal for a range of occasions including barre, yoga, pilates and other dance activities. The natural toe microfiber helps to absorb sweat, giving you greater control. It also provides plenty of comfort during exercise. The slightly padded sole further aids in comfort. Finally, the shoes are waterproof and wear resistant and come in a range of attractive colors.

barre socks best sticky workout barerun ballerina shoes half-toe grip nonslip balletImage courtesy of Amazon

2. Ozaiic Yoga Socks for Women

The Ozaiic Yoga Socks will give you the confidence you need for your workout class. The 100% silicone gel grips ensure you’ll always be in control as they are both anti-skid and non-slip. In addition, the toed design adds extra grip to each individual toe. The elastic cross straps help to keep the socks in place and help you maintain a certain level of style during your exercise, too.

barre socks best sticky workout ozaiic yoga women non-slip grips straps pilatesImage courtesy of Amazon

3. LA Active Grip Socks

Available in a choice of noire black or powder grey, the LA Active Grip socks are a comfortable option for your workout footwear. They boast a lining of four-yarn terry loops, creating a comfortable area for your foot inside the socks. The closed-toe style also keeps your toes from contacting the dirt on the studio floor and helps prevent blisters. These socks are ideal for both men and women.

barre socks best sticky workout la active grip nonslip yogaImage courtesy of Amazon

4. Tucketts Yoga Socks for Women

Sporting a patent-pending toe-free design, these Tucketts Yoga Socks provide a freedom of movement not available from the other closed-toe styles. They feature a stitched heel and a soft strap to keep them secure around your feet during exercise. There’s also another soft strap over the top to further keep your feet and socks in place. On the underside, the grip is extensive to keep you secure in all kinds of barefoot workouts. These socks are also available in a wide range of fun colors, including turquoise, peach and purple.

barre socks best sticky workout tucketts yoga women non-slip toelessImage courtesy of Amazon

5. Shashi Star Glitter Mesh Non-Slip Sock

Perhaps the most glamorous option on the list, the Shashi socks feature a stylish and lightweight glitter mesh over the top of the feet. In addition, they are constructed from a moisture-wicking fabric to keep your feet dry during workouts. On the underside, the socks are covered all over in anti-skid spots for grip and stability. The Shashi Star Glitter Mesh Non-Slip Sock comes in 12 different colors.

barre socks best sticky workout shashi glitter mesh star non-slipImage courtesy of Amazon

6. Live Happy Be Healthy Barre Socks

Featuring additional heel padding to ensure maximum comfort, the Live Happy Be Healthy socks are a great option for barre, yoga, ballet and more. They feature an elastic band that runs through the sock to ensure they remain in place during use and boast extensive grip coverage on the underside. These socks also feature a high thread count and soft yet sturdy build quality to ensure you remain comfortable even in the longest of classes.

barre socks best sticky workout live happy be healthy yoga nonslip gripImage courtesy of Amazon

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