Swing Your Way to Stronger Tone and Lean Mass With These Battle Ropes

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Our bodies, like our minds, are always evolving and changing based on our interests, drives and motivations. Trying out something new in any area of your life can bring a new perspective and fresh energy. With your body, this could mean trying out a new fettuccini alfredo recipe for dinner, switching up your milk choice in your morning coffee (bold!) or trying out some new moves in the gym. Exercise can take many different forms — from jumping rope, to running on a treadmill and lifting dumbbells. I’m sure by now you’ve got your at-home fitness routine down to a science, but if you’re stuck in a rut and can’t seem to motivate yourself, I’ve got a new move you can try. Battle ropes are the perfect addition to a workout-from-home setup, pending you’ve got the space, because they’re simple to setup, easy to use, and combine cardio and strength into one dynamic movement. You’d be surprised at how good it feels to throw a giant rope around for exercise, and how effective of a workout it is.

You’ve probably heard of or seen battle ropes before — they’re those giant sea-worthy ropes you’ve seen hard-o’s at the gym swinging up and down and thought “Jesus, that looks terrible!” Well, the move itself is actually pretty fun and cathartic — kind of like kickboxing a giant punching bag — and there are varying degrees to it so it’s perfect for beginners. The higher you pull the rope the more difficult the move is — and the more intensely it’ll reverberate through the entire rope. The goal is to move the entire rope with each swing, and the move being repetitive in nature, with only a few possible modifications, makes it effective for toning and sculpting your upper body. You can alternate which hand is swinging for unilateral work or move both at once, gaining even muscle mass either way. The move also works your core and lower body, since you hold a squat/ athletic position the entire time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Battle Ropes

What Are Battle Ropes Made Of?

Most battle ropes are made of 3 strands of durable polyester material that's been spun together to create a hefty, heavy rope. The ends of them are usually wrapped a waxy rubber material similar to electric tape to help you grip.

How Long Are Battle Ropes?

Good question! They're long — typically between 30 and 50 feet long, but they wrap around an anchor in the middle and wrap back around, so you really only need 15-25 feet of space to use them. For beginners, I recommend using a shorter length because the rope will be easier to lift and lower — the longer ones will be good for advanced users who already have an established routine.

How Much Do Battle Ropes Weigh?

Battle ropes are heavy, so I don't recommend planning on bringing them with you to your Saturday workouts in the park. They can weigh between 30-50 pounds total.

If you’ve got a garage gym or a large backyard/patio where you like to catch some rays while getting your workout in — battle ropes are an excellent way to switch up your movements. Here are my favorite battle ropes available to purchase on the web. I’ve highlighted each of their unique features and perks, so assess what you and your body need and find the rope that’s right for you.



People are in love with this battle rope for its nylon sleeve, durable blend of PolyPro and PolyDac materials, and the heat shrink handles that make it easy to grip. It’s a 3-strand twisted design which is fairly common, and it comes in 30ft, 40ft and 50ft sizes. The heat shrink handles also come in two different diameter choices — 1.5″ and 2″. If you’re looking for a general workout the 1.5″ diameter is perfect, whereas if you’re a weightlifter and want to improve your grip strength for other weights the 2″ diameter will help you out. The nylon sleeve cover also helps protect the rope from fraying and friction, making it more durable and likely to last for years.

Power guidance battle ropes Courtesy of Amazon




2. ZENY 30ft Battle Rope


This battle rope doesn’t have a cover so it looks like a more conventional rope choice. It’s made of three strands of high-strength, industrial-grade durable polyester that’s made to be wear-resistant. It also has a 600D oxford waterproof protective sleeve you can slide over the part where the rope folds to protect it from fraying. The heat-shrink grips on the thickened handles are made to help you get a strong grip and strengthen your hands simultaneously.

ZENY battle rope, battle ropes Courtesy of Amazon

ZENY Battle Rope



3. Amazon Basics Battle Exercise Training Rope


You can get battle ropes that cost upwards of $200 (more on that later), but you certainly don’t need that if you’re just starting out. This $50 option from Amazon is plenty if you’re a beginner who’s curious about this type of exercise working for you. It’s pretty similar to the other options, with a slightly cheaper price tag. It’s 1.5″ thick, has a durable 3-strand design and rolls up easily so you can store it in a compact pile after you’re done.

Amazon Basics battle ropes Courtesy of Amazon

Amazon Basics Battle Exercise Training Rope



4. KingSo Battle Rope


This battle rope from KingSo comes with an included anchor and a setup guide so you can make one purchase and be ready to go. The rope itself is made of 100% dacron, a heavier and more durable material than a poly dacron blend material. It’s 30 feet long, the perfect length for a beginner, and is 1.5″ in diameter. The heat-shrink grip handles are also 7.5″ long so you’ve got plenty of space to grab on.

KingSo battle ropes Courtesy of Amazon


5. TRX Battle Rope


This battle rope from TRX is a little more expensive, so I recommend this one to those sure they enjoy rope swinging as a form of training. They’re designed to give you a full-body workout through pumping, slams, pulls and throws. The rubber grips are comfortable to hold and the rope is tightly-braided and designed to not fray. You can anchor it to anything sturdy — like a pole or tree, but you’ll have to buy your own since it doesn’t come with one. It’s available in 30 and 50ft lengths, but I recommend the 50ft one if you’re a seasoned pro.

TRX battle ropes Courtesy of TRX

TRX Battle Rope



6. Hyperwear Hyper Rope Battle Rope


Rogue Fitness is the elite gym equipment company, and the price tag of the products it includes on its site reflect that. However, if you’re looking for an expertly-designed battle rope this one from Hyperwear is the one. Reviewers describe it as “worth every penny” — and if you already collect Rogue stuff you might as well add this on. It’s also made for those working out at home — as it doesn’t require an anchor and requires only 6 feet, a.k.a 1/4 of the gym space as standard battle ropes. It’s only 20 feet long and weighs only 15 pounds, both things that make it way easier to use and move around. This makes it easier to use for a variety of movements and the construction is cleaner, quieter, and won’t shed.

Hyperwear Hyper Rope Battle Rope Courtesy of Rogue Fitness

Hyper Rope Battle Rope



7. Titan Fitness Battle Rope


This affordable battle rope is made by fitness equipment experts and has a heavy-duty, tightly-braided construction that makes it both durable and versatile in terms of where it can in your home. The poly-Dacron blend is designed to prevent breakage or fraying and this particular battle rope is designed to be used indoors or outdoors so you’ve got options. The handles also have an extra coat to protect against fraying even further so you can rely on long-lasting performance and focus on your workout.

Titan Fitness battle rope Courtesy of Titan Fitness

Titan Fitness Battle Rope



8. Perantlb Battle Rope with Nylon Protective Sleeve


This battle rope from Perantlb has 8.66-inch long heat-shrink handles so you’ve got plenty of room to grab on and get a solid grip for your workout. The handles are made of thick PVC and have a durable, non-slip feel that’s designed to keep the rope from slipping out of your hands even when you’re sweating. This rope also has a durable, protective sleeve around it to keep the rope in tact even after years of use. It also comes with an comprehensive anchor strap kit that allows for a more natural movement from the rope and gives you a better range of motion when using it.

Perantlb battle ropes Courtesy of Amazon

Perantlb Battle Rope



10. Profect Sports Battle Ropes


Almost as crucial to your workout as the rope itself is the anchor. If the anchor quality is poor, or you don’t choose to anchor the rope, you may be sacrificing a more full or natural range of motion for yourself. This Profect Sports battle rope comes with two anchor straps and a stainless steel carabiner to keep the rope attached to wherever you decide to mount it. The anchor straps are made of extreme tensile strength nylon that’s reinforced, and they have a non-slip design so they won’t wear down the rope over time. The 100% PolyDac battle rope has a protective sleeve around it as well to further prevent damage as you throw it around.

Profect Sports battle ropes Courtesy of Amazon

Pro Battle Ropes with Anchor Strap Kit

$89.95 $109.95 18% OFF


11. 1.5 in. x 50 ft. Manila Rope


If you’re a diehard DIY-er and keep thinking “okay, but can’t I just make my own one of these?!” the answer is yes! It’ll cost you about the same amount as some of the other options, if not more, but it’s possible. This Manila Rope from Home Depot is only two strands thick instead of three, but it’ll get the job done. You can paste some electrical tape on either end of it for grips and you’ve got your own makeshift battle rope.

Manila rope, battle ropes Courtesy of Home Depot




12. Eclipse Fitness Battle Rope Anchor Strap Kit


Some of the above battle rope options come with their own anchor strap kits, but if yours doesn’t and you need a recommendation this is a great one. It’s designed to stop rope damage and extend the life of your equipment through being 50% wider and therefore more protective than other straps. It spreads the tension out evenly so one spot on your rope doesn’t have the handle all the pressure created by the swings, and it can anchor to any pole or fixture with a 14″ or smaller diameter in a few seconds. It’s also designed and tested for up to 1700 pounds of tensile strength, so it can handle anything you’ve got.

Eclipse fitness rope anchor kit Courtesy of Amazon

Eclipse Fitness Battle Rope Anchor Strap Kit