Bed Of Nails: 6 Acupressure Mats For Pointed Relief

best Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set
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* Relieve tension with these six acupressure devices
* Target specific areas where you experience pain or tension
* This natural remedy also has added health benefits

Enter 2019 stress and tension free with these acupressure device that create targeted relief. Designed to focus on key pressure points, you can use these devices to target areas with chronic pain. They also offer added health benefits, such as more energy and endorphin stimulation.

1. KeyZone Needle Massage Hand Balls

These simple hand balls can be twirled around while you’re watching TV or waiting at the DMV — they’re portable, easy to use, and are designed to stimulate the acupressure points in your palms to help relieve fatigue.

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2. Kendal Acupressure Massage Mat and Pillow Set

Covered in thousands of small plastic nails, this pillow stimulates acupressure points without puncturing the skin. You can either lie on it, targeting specific areas of your body, or stand on it, which can help relieve stress and tiredness.

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3. Bed of Nails Acupressure Strap

Made of 100% organic cotton, this strap can be used on different body parts to target and relieve pain. Use it ten to twenty minutes daily, at home, or pack it up easily and take it when you travel to relieve muscle pain from long flights.

Acupressure Strap Image Courtesy of Bed of Nails


4. Acupressure Mat with Magnets

This kit includes two wooden face massagers, two energy rollers, four sujok rings as well as four smaller acupressure tools and a acupressure power mat. The sujok rings are also targeted to help hand and finger pain from typing, writing or driving.

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5. Bed of Nails Original Acupressure Pillow

Made of non-toxic materials, this acupressure pillow is designed to focus on chronic neck or back pain. It also helps to stimulate energy, and release endorphins naturally.

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6. Nayoya Wellness Acupressure Mat and Pillow

Targeted towards neck and back tension, this mat and pillow set from Nayoya Wellness provides relief by lying on it as little as twenty minutes a day. It can have other added benefits as well, such as improved sleep and circulation.

Image Courtesy of Nayoya Wellness

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