The Top-Rated Adjustable Dumbbells on Amazon

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Unless you’re using most of the amenities offered by a gym, it’s likely that you can get as comprehensive a workout at home with just a few pieces of equipment. While you probably don’t have space for a rowing machine or treadmill, many weight exercises can be done from the comfort of your living room. Investing in quality equipment will spare you the self-consciousness that can come from going to the gym, and it’ll save you money in the long run.

The simplest exercise machine of all — the adjustable dumbbell — offers a more comprehensive workout than you may have initially realized. All you need to know is the right exercises, and you can work out your back, legs, chest and of course your arms.

What To Look For In Adjustable Dumbbells

Be realistic about your needs. Will you be lifting 100-pound dumbbells soon? If not, maybe opt for a set that is more conducive to your current fitness level.

What kind of workouts are you doing? Some models can change weights fast and with minimal effort, while others are a bit more cumbersome and better for straight reps.

Where are you storing the dumbbells? Rounded styles may roll and become unsafe on uneven floors. We’ve also included options that are square and one style that comes with its own tray.

How We Chose The Best Adjustable Dumbbells

Whenever you’re dealing with exercise equipment and heavy weight, safety is paramount. We included options that were designed with consumer safety in mind. All options on our list are from trusted brands and include hundreds of positive reviews. We also included a wide range of weight limits to cater to every user’s needs.

We looked for adjustable dumbbells made of high-quality materials and designed for ease of use. Since the main perk of adjustable dumbbells is the ability to switch between weight easily, we wanted weights that actually follow through on that promise.

We also looked for ones that are designed compact, so as to now take up too much room in your workout corner, living room or at-home gym.

1. Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells

Once upon a time, Bowflex was best known for its TV infomercials, but the company has matured into one of the leading makers of premium exercise machines. We’ve written about Bowflex treadmills and spin bikes on Spy recently, but our favorite piece of Bowflex equipment is much more compact: the SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells. This set of dumbbells is super easy to adjust while you work out. With the twist of the dial, you can select 5 to 52.5 pounds of weight. The dumbbells can be purchased as a single unit or a pair, but we highly recommend the pair.

Pros: Replace your dumbbell rack with a single adjustable dumbbell system. Comfortable grip. Comes with storage rack.

Cons: Much more expensive than manual adjustable dumbbells.

Bowflex adjustable dumbbells Courtesy Amazon

Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells

$399.00 $549.00 27% OFF

2. NordicTrack 55 Pound Select-a-Weight Dumbbell Pair

These adjustable dumbbells from NordicTrack allow you to choose between 10 and 55 pounds in 5-pound or 2.5-pound increments for a customized workout. They’re made of a combination of steel and hardened plastic for a durable design and are made to deliver the same value as 30 different pairs of dumbbells in the same space. They come with an easy storage tray and can be used alongside trainer-led workouts in NordicTrack’s iFit app.

Pros: Smooth weight selection, durable construction, space-saving alternative, quality fitness brand.

Cons: The springs that allow you to switch between weights can get jammed, so be gentle when using.

NordicTrack adjustable dumbbells Courtesy of Amazon

NordicTrack 55 Pound Select-a-Weight Dumbbell Pair


3. FLYBIRD Adjustable Dumbbell

For a dumbbell that your whole family can use and can grow with you as your workouts progress, we like the Flybird Adjustable Dumbbell. The dumbbell goes up in five-pound increments between five and 25 pounds. Changing weights is easy thanks to the built-in locking mechanism that holds or releases weights into the accompanying tray. Changing weights takes only seconds, making this an excellent option for HIIT and interval training. An adjustable non-slip handle provides a secure grip. The Flybird tray is only 14.6 inches long and 7.9 inches wide, helping to save workout space.

Pros: Changing weights is fast and easy, includes storage tray, space-saving design.

Cons: The weight is sold as a single unit and not set, which makes this an expensive option.

FLYBIRD Adjustable Dumbbell Image courtesy of Amazon

FLYBIRD Adjustable Dumbbell


4. Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells

If you’re looking for a set of adjustable dumbbells with a high weight range, check out the Yes4All style. Designed like a traditional adjustable dumbbell, the set comes with two dumbbells that total 105 pounds (52.5 pounds each). Each dumbbell with its 15” handle includes 16 five-pound plates, four 2.5 pound plates, four 1.25 pound plates, and four collar handles. The durable cast iron plates are covered with black paint to help reduce the chance of corrosion or rust. A diamond knurled chrome handle and star-lock collars finish off a set of dumbbells that are safe and comfortable to use.

Pros: Traditional design, made from durable cast iron, including star-lock collars for safety.

Cons: Adjusting weights can be time-consuming.

Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells Image courtesy of Amazon

Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells

$82.72 $99.99 17% OFF

5. POWERBLOCK Elite EXP Adjustable Dumbbell

Get an entire gym in the palm of your hand with the POWERBLOCK Elite EXP Adjustable Dumbbell. Featuring a weight range of 5 to 50 pounds per weight (similar to the Bowflex SelectTech system), the Elite is sold in a set of two and can grow to 70 and 90 pounds per hand using an extender. An auto-lock feature and two chrome adder weights make it easy to micro-load each dumbbell in increments of 2.5 pounds. Corresponding color bands help to quickly identify weights and the secure magnetic polypropylene pin is rated at 500 pounds for added safety.

Pros: Space-saving, micro-loading increments, can buy weight extenders.

Cons: There’s a learning curve to understanding how to add weights. Not the most attractive design.

POWERBLOCK Elite EXP Adjustable Dumbbell Image courtesy of Amazon

POWERBLOCK Elite EXP Adjustable Dumbbell

$359.99 $449.00 20% OFF

6. snode Cast Iron Adjustable Dumbbell

If you’re just looking for a single adjustable dumbbell rather than a pair, this option from snode is a great one. It’s got six different gears of adjustable weight ranges from 8 to 50 pounds. The cast iron material is super durable, strong and anti-fall as well. The weight adjustment is super easy, and made to happen at the turn of a dial. The weight has a non-slip handle and the unnotched dumbbell plates on either side ensure an even distribution of weight.

Pros: Durable cast iron material, adjustable weight ranges between 8 and 50 pounds, space-saving.

Cons: Only sold as a single dumbbell, so users who want a pair should consider other options.

snode cast iron adjustable dumbbell Courtesy of Amazon

snode Cast Iron Adjustable Dumbbell