Your Home Gym Definitely Needs an Adjustable Workout Bench

best adjustable weight benches 2021
Product Photo Courtesy of Bowflex

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A good adjustable workout bench is the foundation of many fundamental strength training exercises. Critical for bench presses, military presses and many variations of dumbbell flys, an adjustable workout bench should be one of your first home gym purchases, particularly if building muscle is a priority. That adjustable feature is key, too, because it offers different angles for a variety of exercises, making it a must-have for your home gym.

If you’re in the market for an adjustable workout bench, the main factors to keep in mind are durability, versatility, weight limit and storability. It’s rare you’ll find a bench that excels in all of the above, so understand what your priorities are. If you want industrial durability to withstand heavy weightlifting, pay attention to the materials used. If you’re interested in full-body workouts, keep an eye out for a bench’s angles and possible adjustments. Finally, if your home gym is actually just your living room or garage, a folding workout bench that’s lightweight and easy to store should pique your interest.

Below, you’ll find the best adjustable weight benches for sale in 2021, with options for every type of athlete and budget.


1. Bowflex 5.1S Stowable Bench


This new Bowflex product has everything we’re looking for in a home workout bench, full stop. The 5.1s Stowable Bench has a commercial-gym quality steel frame that can hold up to 600 pounds, and it’s the perfect companion to Bowflex’s popular SelectTech adjustable dumbbells. This weight bench also offers six different adjustment angles: 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, flat and -20° (decline). Best of all, this bench was designed to fold up and for vertical storage, making it a great space-saving option if you don’t have a lot of space in your garage or home gym. Yes, it’s more expensive than most of the options below, but even among the best adjustable weight benches, it’s the clear winner. (For a more affordable bench with many of the same features, check out the 4.1s Stowable Bench below, also from Bowflex.)

bowflex 5.1s stowable weight bench Courtesy of Bowflex

2. FLYBIRD Weight Bench


This affordable adjustable workout bench from FLYBIRD has pretty much every feature you could ask for. The leather-coated and foam-padded backrest offers seven adjustment options and three seat and foot pad positions, making it easy to hit all your favorite incline, decline and flat bench exercises. The bench supports up to 620 pounds, but also folds up into a compact, collapsed version, making it easy to store when you’re done working out. With almost 13,000 reviews and 4.5 stars on Amazon, FLYBIRD’s bench is beloved by users who boast its easy assembly and durable construction.

FLYBIRD workout bench Courtesy of Walmart

3. Bowflex 4.1s Stowable Weight Bench


Also from Bowflex, the 4.1s Stowable Bench has most of the same features as our Best Overall adjustable weight bench. The 4.1s comes with a slightly lower weight limit of 550 pounds and five adjustment angles instead of six. However, it has the same space-saving design and costs $100 less. While you can find cheap adjustable weight benches on Amazon (and we’ve featured a lot of great options here), this piece of home exercise equipment from Bowflex is worth the investment.

bowflex 4.1s stowable weight bench Courtesy of Bowflex

4. RitFit Adjustable Folding Weight Bench


With a sturdy steel frame, comfortable foam cushioning and foldable design, RitFit’s cheap workout bench is hard not to like. In addition to the three-year warranty on the frame and 30-day warranty on the upholstery, this bench also comes with a poster illustrating 36 different exercises, all of which you can knock out right there on RitFit’s adjustable workout bench. The load capacity maxes out at 510 pounds, while the bench itself is only 33 pounds.

RitFit adjustable workout bench Courtesy of Amazon

5. PASYOU Adjustable Weight Bench


Don’t let the price tag fool you. Coming in just under $100, PASYOU’s adjustable workout bench sports all the features needed to stack up against the competition here, and even comes with adjustable non-slip feet to ensure the bench stays in place during even the most intense workouts. Reviewers on Amazon tout the bench’s lightweight but supportive design, and with almost 3,500 ratings, it’s easy to see why.

PASYOU adjustable workout bench Courtesy of Amazon

6. Rogue Adjustable Weight Bench 2.0


Missing the real gym? If you want your home workout routines to feel just like they do in the gym, look no further than Rogue’s adjustable workout bench. A giant in the fitness game, Rogue manufacturers and supplies some of the highest quality workout gear on the market. This bench is no different. At a whopping 128 pounds, its durable construction is built for serious lifters, and features a level of precision and craftsmanship unmatched on this list. And if you want to take your adjustable workout bench to the next level, Rogue offers a Spotter Deck add-on — allowing a friend to assist your heaviest lifts — and a vertically-mounted bracket for convenient storage.

If Rogue Fitness makes the best adjustable weight bench, why isn’t it rated more highly here? We don’t have a negative word to say about this weight bench, but you can get many of the same features and ultra-durable construction in Bowflex’s weight benches, which are $200-$300 cheaper. While Rogue Adjustable Benches might be better for commercial gyms, if you’re trying to build a weightllifting gym at home, most people prefer a more affordable option.

Rogue adjustable workout bench Courtesy of Rogue

7. Weider Platinum Strength Bench


For some fitness enthusiasts, a simple adjustable workout bench just won’t cut it. The gym is a palace, after all, and serious weightlifters might need a more all-encompassing product. In addition to a well-constructed adjustable weight bench, Weider offers a number of integrated solutions — like preacher curl pads, leg strength add-ons and both bench and squat racks — that quickly turn your home gym into a pretty legit fitness sanctuary.

Weider workout bench Courtesy of Amazon

8. Finer Form Multi-Functional Weight Bench


Maybe you’re looking to strengthen more than just your upper body. Finer Form’s unique multi-purpose bench lends itself to a variety of workouts, with thigh cushions to tackle back extensions and a decline adjustment to sculpt your abs with sit-ups. While the bench doesn’t adjust to an incline position, it does offer a bottom crossbar perfect for temporarily racking your weights.

FinerForm adjustable workout bench Courtesy of Amazon

9. Ativafit Adjustable Weight Bench


By following natural movements and activating many muscles at once, resistance bands are a great alternative to dumbbells and barbells. If that’s your jam, check out this bench from Ativafit, which comes with a pair of detachable resistance bands for a more low-impact workout. Of course, it’s got all the features you’ll need to get a great dumbbell workout too, making this a great option for those seeking a dynamic workout.

Ativafit adjustable workout bench Courtesy of Amazon

10. GYMENIST Exercise Bench


It always feels like there are a million excuses to not work out. Let’s remove assembling your workout bench from the equation. GYMENIST’s adjustable workout bench comes fully assembled — just remove it from the box and get started. It also comes with a cushion to place on the seat for additional support.

GYMENIST exercise bench Courtesy of Amazon

11. Reebok Professional Aerobic Deck


This likely isn’t what comes to mind when you think of the best adjustable workout benches. But Reebok’s Aerobic Deck is actually one of the most versatile options out there. While benches like this are largely branded as a platform for cardio exercises like step-ups, the adjustable incline and decline angles instantly make it a viable choice for your favorite strength exercises. It even includes slots for resistance bands. It doesn’t have the leather upholstery or foam padding of other benches on this list, but that makes bodyweight exercises like dips, split squats and incline push-ups much more intuitive. The Aerobic Deck might be the odd one out, aesthetically-speaking, but it’s sure to offer a great full-body workout.

Reebok adjustable workout bench Courtesy of Amazon

12. ADVENOR Workout Bench


Though most adjustable benches fold up for convenient storage, the ADVENOR Weight Bench breaks down into an absurdly-compact shape that’s just over 30 inches long, 15.6 inches wide and barely under 10 inches deep. Tuck it into a closet or under your bed when it’s not in use or throw it in your car if you plan on taking it on the road with you. Despite the low price tag, this folding weight bench has a 4.6-star rating from Amazon and more than 1,000 positive reviews.

ADVENOR weight bench Courtesy of Amazon

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